Do I Need A Gaming Mouse Pad


When talking about PC game setups, the words firstly came into our mind are mechanical keyboard, high-DPI gaming mice, comfy headsets and high refresh-rate display. However, as an essential part of the PC gaming experience, a suitable mouse pad is your necessary setup as well. A suitable mouse pad to a fancy gaming mouse is like the loyal steed to a knight. It can not only add to your setup but also reduce tension on your wrist while gaming and improve mouse tracking. Gaming mouse pads have a variety of different types, aiming at satisfying all needs to different games and different players. So the most important thing is not whether you own a gaming mouse pad, but what kind of gaming mouse pad you should buy.

Hard Gaming Mouse Pad VS. Soft Gaming Mouse Pad

Generally, mouse pad can be divided into two kinds based on their materials, hard mouse pad and soft mouse pad. When gaming, many players find that they like the mouse pad with a harder surface. The hard surface of a mouse pad is normally made out of plastic resin or aluminum. Harder, smoother surfaces on mouse pads tend to have less friction, therefore allowing for an easier glide when moving the mouse. A hard mouse pad is very good for FPS gamers who need quick mouse movements during gameplay. Due to smooth surface affecting the precision, there is friction treatment to ensure that matte areas on the surface allow for accuracy and precise shots and movement. Using hard mouse pad means you don’t have to put as much pressure on the mouse to move it. It places less strain on your wrist and reduces the chance of wrist injury. Moreover, mouse pads with a hard surface are also easier to clean than soft cloth mouse pads. However, hard surface is easily worn down and has to be replaced per one or two months.


Soft, fiber mousepads also have their benefits. First of all, soft mouse pad can protect mouse feet from been worn down. Many professional gamers like using thicker mousepads which help reduce or eliminate the feeling of any bumps, holes, or surface unevenness on whatever table or gaming surface being used. Cloth mousepads are also better for Real Time Strategy (RTS) games, which require quick but extremely precise movements. Additionally, if you take care of when using it, cloth mouse pad can be extremely long lasting and durable. The softer surface is comfortable, woven, and complete with an anti-fray stitched frame to ensure that the mousepad stays up to par even with frequent use.


Small Gaming Mouse Pad VS. Large Gaming Mouse Pad


While it is up to you to determine your mousepad preferences, small or large mousepads do benefit gamers in different ways. If you are a gamer who do not move your mice a lot during gameplay and therefore don’t need much room to move around on a mouse pad, a small mouse pad is your best choice. A gamer that prefers a smaller mousepad may also use a high DPI mouse setting. With a higher DPI comes easier and faster movement on the screen, meaning that small motions may still move the cursor fairly far on the screen. Therefore, there is no need for large mouse movements.

A large mouse pad may benefit gamers who use long, sweeping arm movements or move their mouse a lot during games. Additionally, someone gaming with a low DPI setting would also benefit from a larger mousepad, as they would require more mouse movement to get their cursor to travel on screen. Large mouse pads also allow for gamers to keep all of their gear on top of the mousepad. There is no worry about running the mouse off the side while gaming.

Therefore, we can’t define which gaming mouse pad is the best one. All of them have pros and cons. The most suitable one is the best one for you.

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