How to Clean A Gaming Mouse Pad

What you will do when you spilled some sweet tea on your gaming mouse pad or your light-colored gaming mouse pad has got dirty? Throw it away and get a new one? Well, nobody will critisize that if you do so, though. While, no matter what you’re for, something emotional from a passionate and professional gamer or something environmental, some will prefer to clean it. So how to clean a gaming mouse pad, in a right way? 

Before cleaning your gaming mouse pad, please get known that the method we introduce below are only for re-smoothing your gaming mouse mat instead of renew it so that don’t be skeptical for those deep stains. Once you try hard to brush those deep stains, it will destroy the surface textile and its flatness and finally result in a bad mouse operation in a gaming fight. 


Preparations for cleaning a gaming mouse pad:

  • Handsoap or other mild cleaning products; 
  • Soft brush;
  • A dry towel;

Steps to clean a gaming mouse pad:

#1 Wet the gaming mouse pad with mild water;

#2 Spray some handsoap on it ;

#3 Brush the pad with the soft brush completely;

#4 Rinse it all out;

#5 Dry it with a towel;

Here, we found a nice video for tutorial:

Surely, here’re some other points you need to know when cleaning a gaming mouse:

#1 Don’t rub the gaming mouse pad with a stiff brush;

#2 Don’t clean it with washing machine; 

#3 Don’t twist or wring the gaming mouse pad;

#4 Don’t use washing power and other strong basicity cleaning products;

#5 Don’t hang it or expose to the sun after cleaning;



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