Best Mechanical Keyboard under $100

Best Mechanical Keyboard Under $100

Whether for typing or gaming, keyboards are viewed as a critical peripheral. Based on such merits as longer lifespan, responsiveness, durability and limitless customization, mechanical keyboards are gaining more popularity. Many people my hold that mechanical keyboards are often expensive and throw you at least $150 to get one with relatively high quality. Luckily, the fact is much brighter. Each level of price exist some high ends and all you need is searching and comparison.

 In order to make your journey shorter, here we have picked up 5 top mechanical keyboards under $100.

  1. Corsair Strafe ( $79.99)



√  Genuine Cherry MX switches

× No dedicated macro keys

√  USB pass through

×  No wrist rest

√  Red backlighting looks great and can be controlled


√  Great value for money


This keyboard has a design of the reminiscent of K70 keyboard and is made out of high quality plastic and doesn’t flex even if you try to. The Strafe comes with red, blue, brown, and the newly introduced silent switches. Not only the keys are responsive in game, but the overall typing experience remains as good as it can get. Overall, the keyboard is the best bang for the buck.

Corsair Strafe Mechanical Keyboard Under $100

  1. Patriot Viper V730 ($59.99)



√  100% mechanical Kuehl Brown switches

×  Have to pay for shipping if you return it

√  104 key rollover anti-ghosting


√  Backlight LED comes with 5 different lighting profiles and 6 different LED lighting modes


√  Aircraft grade aluminum body


With the 100% mechanical Kuehl Brown switches, you can get the superior typing accuracy and responsiveness each time. If you like to customize the backlight, its offerings of 5 different lighting profiles and 6 different LED lighting modes will satisfy your taste very well.

Mechanical Keyboard Under $100 From Patriot Viper V730

  1. Razer Ornata Expert ($59.99)



√  combines both mechanical and membrane keyboard features

×  In some keyboards mecha-membrane is faulty.

√  Individually programmable backlight allows you to change the color of the LED as per your need


√  10 key rollover allows you to register 10 commands at a time


√  Mid-height keys allows you to register your keystrokes faster


The Razer Ornata implements the great concept of integrating membrane and mechanical features into one. Only $59.99 you can get the most experience from it.

Razer Ornata Mechanical Keyboard Less Than $100

  1. SKILL RIPJAWS KM780R ($92.88)



√  Cherry MX switches

×  Size isn’t as user friendly

√  Dedicated macro and media keys

×  Software can be complicated for newcomers

√  Extra keycaps


√  Built with aluminum, solid construction and Large wrist rest


This is the most expensive one among my recommendations but you will love it once you use it. This full sized mechanical keyboard from G.Skill comes with a lot of neat features that are usually found in higher end keyboards; you get dedicated media buttons, aluminum chassis, dedicated macro keys, and even something like a wrist rest. It is an excellent keyboard designed for gamers.

G.SKILL RIPJAWS KM780R Almost $100

  1. Azio MGK1-K ($64.99)



√  Kailh brown switches

×  miss the dedicated macro keys

√  Large, comfortable wrist rest


√  Solid aluminum construction


√  White backlighting


Although this keyboard uses no Cherry MX switches, it works just as well as Cherry MX switches. Since it is more affordable, you can choose it as a perfect alternative.

Azio MGK1-K Mechanical Keyboard Around $50

Choosing an optimal mechanical keyboard is not an easy thing, but luckily there are some standards you can take as reference. Click here to know more tips on buying a Mechanical Keyboard


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