How to Change Mouse DPI

How to Change Mouse DPI

Most of us use mouse every day, but do you know that you can adjust the responding speed of it? Have you ever tried to do so? Well, to change mouse DPI you should first know what the mouse DPI is. In this article I will first introduce DPI and then share with you how to change Mouse DPI for Windows and Mac.

What Is DPI

DPI is the abbreviation of dots-per-inch. It is the standard used to measure the mouse sensitivity. By changing the DPI, you can instantly adjust pointer speed for precision tasks, such as in-game targeting or photo editing. Generally speaking, the greater the number of DPI is, the higher the mouse sensitivity will be, and the faster the pointer speed will become. Look at the picture above to observe the difference between higher DPI (left) and lower DPI (right).

What is Mouse DPI

How to Change DPI for Windows?

  • Click on the Start menu and then choose Control Panel.
  • After the Control Panel menu opens, locate the Search Control Panel bar on the top of the menu, type in “mouse”, and then locate the mouse menu.
  • Locate the link suggesting Change Button Settings at the bottom of the mouse menu and click on it, then find out Pointer Options from all the mouse properties that appear on the screen.
  • Click on the Pointer Options and then the link suggesting Motion. Now you’ll notice a slide adjustment bar which is labeled “Slow” on the left and “Fast” on the right.
  • Move the slider of the bar to adjust mouse sensitivity according to your own needs. After you have finished, click on the Apply button and then OK

If you still don’t understand how to operate, then click here to watch a video introducing how to adjust mouse sensitivity in Windows 10. Since this operating method is similar with that of the other Windows versions, you can take this video for reference while changing mouse DPI for Windows 7, 8 and more.

How to Change DPI for Mac?

  • Open the Apple menu and select System Preferences.
  • Click on the Mouse bottom on the second row (If you are using a trackpad on a laptop, click on the Trackpad bottom instead).
  • Navigate to the Point & Click tab and click on it. Now you see a Tracking Speed bar which is labeled “Slow” on the left and “Fast” on the right.
  • Move the slider of the bar to adjust mouse sensitivity according to your own needs.
  • Click on the red Exit button in the left top corner when you are finished. 

Here is also a video showing how to change the mouse speed on your Mac, click here to watch the operating process of others.

By now, have you caught the idea of what mouse DPI is and how to change DPI for Windows and Mac? I wish this article is helpful to you and I believe that you’ll get better using experience if the DPI is well adjusted.


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