How to Change Mouse Settings

How to Change Mouse Settings

As an important controller for the computer, mouse plays a unique role that cannot be neglected. Though people regard mouse-clicking as a normal work in daily life, there are still a lot of vacant about the detailed function and settings in mind. Here I will introduce the accessible methods to change mouse settings from two perspectives, Windows and IOS.

For windows

For windows users, you can follow these steps.

Firstly, click the “start” icon on the home page and open the Control Panel on the right.

Secondly, Click “Hardware and Sound” and then select “Mouse” from the “Devices and Printers” section. You will see a dialog box like this.

How to Change Mouse Settings

Here you will see five options for the settings. The Buttons tab allows you to change the way your mouse buttons work; the Pointers tab change the cursors for all the different modes; the Pointer Options tab change how the mouse cursor moves around on the screen; the settings in the Wheel tab affect how fast you can scroll through documents and web pages and the Hardware tab displays the mice that are currently installed, as well as their status.

For iOS

The setting in iOS is much simpler than that of windows, you can follow these.

First and foremost, Click the Apple menu and select “System Preferences”

How to Change a Mouse Setting on Mac

This will open the Mouse settings, where you can adjust various functions of the mouse. The layout will depend on the type of mouse you have connected to your computer. If you have a standard mouse connected, you’ll have a single screen for your mouse settings and you can assign functions to each of the mouse buttons.

Yet, if you have a Magic Mouse, you’ll have two screens when you open the Mouse menu in System Preferences: “Point & Click” and “More Gestures”. The former menu allows you to set the secondary click (right-click) functions, like enabling smart zooming and changing the pointer speed (Tracking). And the later one allows you to set swipe gestures for your mouse, which means you can swipe between pages, operate applications, etc.

However, as an old saying goes, actions speaks louder than voice. If you are still searching for a preferable mouse to prove these settings, here is your good news.

Razer Mamba ($69.99)

Razer Mamba is called to be an ergonomic gaming mouse for its satisfying design and sensitive reaction. On the bottom of the mouse, there are two hex screws, which are solely for the purpose of adjusting the click force on a user-by-user basis. Taking advantage of its precise 16000 DPI mouse sensor, you are free from being intervened by some lag issues.

Apple Magic Mouse 2 ($79.00)

Magic mouse is a wireless and rechargeable one to navigate mac iOS. Its Multi-Touch surface allows you to perform simple gestures such as swiping between web pages and scrolling through documents. And by virtue of its light, thin body, it is also ergonomic for using, popularizing among mac users.


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