Wireless Keyboard VS Wired for Gaming

Best Gaming Keyboard for Mac

If you are going to buy a keyboard for gaming, the first thing you may consider is whether you should buy a wireless one or wired one. There is a long existing debate between wireless keyboard and wired keyboard, but when it comes to game, it seems not so difficult to make a choice. The following part of this article will have a brief comparison between the two types of keyboard, so you can shorten your journey to buy a keyboard for gaming.

The wireless keyboard for gaming

Generally, wireless keyboard is preferred to normal office working, less demanding for speed and precision. Thus a keyboard without cables frees them from clutters and is much suitable for a desk with limited space. Besides, wireless keyboards can give users much mobility, within a wider range; you can use your keyboard where you want to use. But actually, for gamers, most of time, we have no need of high mobility.

The wired keyboard for gaming

Most gaming keyboards in the market are wired that’s because they have advantages for gamers. Wired keyboards are more responsive than wireless one. Some wireless keyboard gamers have found issues with lagging and unresponsiveness to complex key combinations — as well as even simple commands getting ignored. What’s more, for a better gaming experience, gamers are like mechanical keyboard; however, there are not much wireless mechanical keyboard found in the market. And most importantly, unlike wired keyboard, you have to change batteries and no one wants to be power off when he or she is gaming.

Backlit Keyboard for Mac Under $100



We can see that both wired and wireless keyboard has its own pros and cons. But for gaming, it is obvious that wired one is more suggestible. No matter from function or price, you may find wired keyboard is much competitive. Here the editor picks two best gaming keyboards with a relatively low price. If you have more better options please comment at the end of this article.

Logitech G610 Orion

Logitech is one of the top brands around for PC peripherals; one selling point for this keyboard is that you can customize the function keys with custom macros using the Logitech Gaming Software. And you are available choices to choose from Cherry MX Brown, or Red switches. Another interesting thing of Logitech G610 Orion is that you can customize the backlight on certain keys to be brighter or dimmer than others, both cool and helpful, making you never miss an important spell.

Wired Keyboard from Logitech

Corsair Gaming STRAFE Keyboard

Corsair Strafe is quite the keyboard for both typists and gamers. You will love it for the excessive customization it offers. According to self-preference, you can get options on what switches you want. Best of all, you have the ability to reprogram any and every key which often is a must for anyone who is trying to make a lot of macros. And the WASD and space bar considerably feature textured so that you have the best grip while gaming.

Wired Keyboard from Corsair


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