How to Charge Apple Watch – With and Without a Charger

Charging an Apple Watch is not a difficult thing. But for an Apple Watch beginning user, they may still have questions such as how to charge Apple Watch? How to charge Apple Watch without charger? How to charge Apple Watch faster and can I charge Apple Watch overnight? Below we will give answers to all questions. How to chargeContinue reading “How to Charge Apple Watch – With and Without a Charger”

Does Huawei P40/P40 Pro have wireless charging?

Huawei is confirmed that Huawei P40/P40 Pro is about to set for  March 26,2020. Looking back one year ago,Huawei P30 gave a deep impression which featured many advanced technology.We all knew that Huawei p30 provides fast wireless charge of up to 15W,but  this wireless charging case supports only up to 10W. How about Huawei P40 ? According to MySmartPrice andContinue reading “Does Huawei P40/P40 Pro have wireless charging?”

How to charge Samsung Galaxy S20 series properly

Samsung Unpacked introduced the Galaxy S20 flagship series , packing  the 5G  capabilities, advanced  the camera technology. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has battery capacity of 5000mAh, which means expected to last typically a day and a half with moderate.The emphasis on longer-lasting batteries with faster charging capabilities is going to be a big draw for users and is something we’re excited about.NoContinue reading “How to charge Samsung Galaxy S20 series properly”

Does Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus come with 45Watt charger

At a press conference in Brooklyn on August 7th, Samsung launched its new phone-Note 10, Note 10 Plus and Note 10 5G, three large-display phones that serve as the next generation of 2018’s Note 9. It’s the first time that Samsung released a “plus” edition of the Galaxy Note smart phone, and Note 10 Plus was designed as a personal computer, aContinue reading “Does Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus come with 45Watt charger”

How to charge your new iPad Pro faster

The new generation of iPad Pro was finally released as scheduled, not only with the comprehensive screen design of removing the HOME button, but also with the face ID function without notch, and also equipped with Apple’s most powerful chip A12X bionics to date. Apple claims iPad Pro 2018 is so strong that many laptopsContinue reading “How to charge your new iPad Pro faster”

Best Charger to Charge Samsung Galaxy S8 Faster

Two flagship of Samsung—Galaxy S8 and S8+—have recently launched and it is reported that you can pre-order now and will release in stores fully on April 21 in the U.S. As a big fan of Samsung, you may be ready to know everything about your brand new Samsung and among them battery life is alwaysContinue reading “Best Charger to Charge Samsung Galaxy S8 Faster”

What Should We Do to Avoid Phone Explosion

Recently, mobile phone explosion has been frequently reported for which concerns have been raised about the security issue when people using mobile phones. In fact, the mobile phone itself is not the leading cause of explosion, the battery inside is the real reason instead. So how can we avoid phone explosion—the potential threat without anyContinue reading “What Should We Do to Avoid Phone Explosion”

How to Choose a Wall Charger

We all have multiple devices to charge every day, and number is going up. Smartphone, smart watch, tablet, fitness tracker and they all comes with individual charger. However if you accidentally left your micro USB charger back at the hotel, office or sofa space with 500 miles away…, that’s really annoying and frustrating. Now, it’sContinue reading “How to Choose a Wall Charger”

Does Charging Your Phone Overnight Ruin the Battery

Normally, smart phone could be charged fully within two or three hours. Some people think charging phone overnight ruins its battery and always worry about charging overtime. For this reason, they start to charge their mobile phone before go to bed and unplug the power cable in midnight. There are some people having an opinionContinue reading “Does Charging Your Phone Overnight Ruin the Battery”

Best Universal USB Car Charger for All Devices

A car charger usb is a necessity nowadays as we use our smartphones heavily. Some of them are specially made for certain devices such as car charger for iphone 6 and car charger for laptop. However a universal usb car charger serves and saves more.   What is an usb car charger?   A carContinue reading “Best Universal USB Car Charger for All Devices”