Why Huawei P20 Pro is the Best Camera Smartphone

Although Huawei didn’t introduce new mobile phone on this year’s MWC, it still brought us an update of P series flagships after a month. As a new generation of Huawei’s flagship, the P20 Pro broke through traditional restrictions and pioneered a triple camera, which not only opened up a new horizon for consumers, but alsoContinue reading “Why Huawei P20 Pro is the Best Camera Smartphone”

What is the Best Android Phone 2016

As a fan of android phone, you may have witnessed amounts of android phones swarming into the market. And each of them may hold something precious that makes you heartbeat. As we all know it is unwise to choose a phone only by the appreciation of its one or two merits rather than taking allContinue reading “What is the Best Android Phone 2016”

Best Android Smartphone Collection

Choosing a new Android phone is not easy since the Android world is teeming with options——expensive or cheap, music-centered or photography-centered, big sized or small sized. In order to facilitate your process of making choice, I will list the best Android smartphone in several categories. Best Overall Phone——Pixel and Pixel XLWhen talking about Android smartphonesContinue reading “Best Android Smartphone Collection”

What Should We Do to Avoid Phone Explosion

Recently, mobile phone explosion has been frequently reported for which concerns have been raised about the security issue when people using mobile phones. In fact, the mobile phone itself is not the leading cause of explosion, the battery inside is the real reason instead. So how can we avoid phone explosion—the potential threat without anyContinue reading “What Should We Do to Avoid Phone Explosion”

How to shot the most delicious food photo by smartphone

It is necessary for smartphone to have a great camera. Smartphone become the second camera in daily life and people use them to record life and share with others. IPhone is one of the best smartphone for taking photos, especially when the new iPhone 7 Plus coming with double camera on the back. But withContinue reading “How to shot the most delicious food photo by smartphone”

What Is a Dual Camera Phone and a List of Dual Camera Phones

At World Mobile Congress 2014 at Barcelona, the dual camera technology was first introduced by Corephotonics and then it was applied to smartphone producing. Two years passed, today we can do buy dual camera phones on market and according to Cnet, the future of smartphones is in dual cameras. While someone may still confused aboutContinue reading “What Is a Dual Camera Phone and a List of Dual Camera Phones”

Signs that 2016 is the powerful battery smartphone year

Smartphones are becoming more powerful we all know that – running the most advanced processors and graphics, powering the most high definition displays, and loading apps simultaneously. However, battery life remains an issue when continually using mobile devices, as many still have low battery life even when all of their other features are pretty advanced.Continue reading “Signs that 2016 is the powerful battery smartphone year”

How to improve smartphone battery life

I‘d give anything for a phone with better battery life. It’s hard to go much longer than 24 hours without charging your smartphone. The Better battery technology now isn’t as good as your smartphone software, But it also remind you to down to software and settings to eke out the limited power for as longContinue reading “How to improve smartphone battery life”

How to Remove the Bluetooth Icon at the Top of the iPhone Screen

There are many different icons that can be displayed in the status bar at the top of your iPhone screen, but one of the most often displayed icons is for Bluetooth. This icon can be white when you are actively using the Bluetooth feature to connect to a headset or speaker, or it can beContinue reading “How to Remove the Bluetooth Icon at the Top of the iPhone Screen”