Does Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus come with 45Watt charger


At a press conference in Brooklyn on August 7th, Samsung launched its new phone-Note 10, Note 10 Plus and Note 10 5G, three large-display phones that serve as the next generation of 2018’s Note 9. It’s the first time that Samsung released a “plus” edition of the Galaxy Note smart phone, and Note 10 Plus was designed as a personal computer, a movie-tech camera, a recreational machine and an intelligent pencil, all in one.

Super Fast Charging 

Just feels like something everyone would mind having on their smart phones. That is what the company calls the charging technology has applied to its new version Note 10 and Note 10 Plus smart phones. Both of the new cellphones come with 25-watt chargers in their box-a upgrade over the Note 9 and Galaxy S10 series,which come with 15-watt chargers. What’s more, a special and powerful charger can recharge the Note 10 Plus at up to a whopping power of 45 watts quickly! To sum up, Super Fast Charging,the new charging technology, feels like a popular improvement that all Note 10 and 10 Plus buyers may love, but this new advantage appears with a lot of small print people believe may be brought to light.


Only the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus can support Super Fast Charging at up to 45 watts-which means that for security reasons. It seems like the smaller Galaxy Note 10 will only charge in power output up to 25 watts, judging by what showed in its specifications sheet. 

Many people may ask: is that a subtle tactic meant to attract people to buy the more expensive phone-Note 10 Plus? Well, presumably not. The smart phone with super fast charging means that people not only need a suitable charger, but also a large and high-quality battery that can handle the charge flow. That is, the larger the battery is, the easier and safer it is to charge rapidly. The Note 10 Plus comes with a 4300mAh battery, the largest capacitance on a Note smart phone ever. In the meantime, the faster a phone battery can be charged, the less charge it can hold per unit of volume. That means if the battery of Note 10 supported 45W charging, probably it couldn’t have been able to hold its 3500mAh of charge.

Adapter Choice

After opening their boxes, people can find that both Galaxy Note 10 models come with 25W wall adapters in the box. If someone wants to enjoy 45W super fast charging on the Galaxy Note 10 Plus, then they have to buy another power brick.


Samsung already has released a suitable wall adapter listed on its official website, available in black or white. However, pricing is not known, but rumors are pointing at a $50 price tag. 

The interesting thing is that it looks like people don’t necessarily need Samsung’s own power adapter to get even faster speed on the Note 10 Plus. Both Galaxy Note 10 models are applicable to the USB Power Delivery standard version 3.0, which means that they’ll also be charged rapidly with compatible third-party chargers

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