Best Apple Pencil 2 Cases Supporting Wireless Charging

Alongside the latest 11 and 12.9-inch iPad Pro, Apple introduced its 2nd generation Apple Pencil, which is sleeker and smaller than the original Apple Pencil. This change needs to thanks the elimination of the Lightning connector at the top of the device. Apple Pencil 2 is able to charge via a magnetic connection to theContinue reading “Best Apple Pencil 2 Cases Supporting Wireless Charging”

Does iPad Pro 2018 need a screen protector?

Apple released a so-called laptop killer device, new iPad Pro 2018, this year. With 64GB of memory as default, rising through 256GB and 512GB to a whopping 1 TB, and a turbocharged A12X Bionic chip that renders and relished apps, photos and videos on a vibrant liquid retina LCD display, the new iPads have aContinue reading “Does iPad Pro 2018 need a screen protector?”

3 Best iPad Pro 2018 Accessories

This year’s new iPad Pro has undergone tremendous changes. In addition to catering to the trend and choosing a full-screen screen, it has abandoned some classic designs such as removing the frontal physical Home button like the iPhone. The border transition also indirectly changes the design of some iPad Pro accessories. For example, the second-generationContinue reading “3 Best iPad Pro 2018 Accessories”

Best Keyboard Cases for iPad Pro 2018

The redesigned new iPad Pro is a more productivity-friendly tablet. Up to 1T storage makes it more possible to be your perfect working companion. If you purchase a keyboard for your new iPad Pro, then it may be the one perfect. Regardless of which model you pick up, 11 or 12.9 inches, accessory manufacturers haveContinue reading “Best Keyboard Cases for iPad Pro 2018”

Best iPad Pro 2018 Cases Supporting Wireless Charging New Apple Pencil

The key technology and design aspects from the new iPhone models that have finally arrived on the iPad. Slimmer bezels, Face ID and new industrial design, new iPad Pro is an awesome tablet option. Meanwhile, second-generation Apple Pencil has been redesigned as well. It can be magnetically attached to the side of the 2018 iPadContinue reading “Best iPad Pro 2018 Cases Supporting Wireless Charging New Apple Pencil”

How to charge your new iPad Pro faster

The new generation of iPad Pro was finally released as scheduled, not only with the comprehensive screen design of removing the HOME button, but also with the face ID function without notch, and also equipped with Apple’s most powerful chip A12X bionics to date. Apple claims iPad Pro 2018 is so strong that many laptopsContinue reading “How to charge your new iPad Pro faster”

Does New iPad Pro Have Headphone Jack?

Apple just released the new MacBook Air and iPad Pro in New York. Although both products have been greatly updated compared to the previous ones, relatively speaking, the new iPad Pro has changed more in terms of form and hardware configuration, and Apple has higher expectations for its productivity attributes. Apple also gave up theContinue reading “Does New iPad Pro Have Headphone Jack?”

Best USB-C Hubs for iPad Pro 2018

The new-release iPad Pro is the first iOS devices featured with USB-C. However, not all USB-C connectors are the same, and not even everything that looks like a USB-C connector is a USB-C connector. How’s the function of USB-C on iPad Pro 2018?¬†How’s the function of USB-C on iPad Pro 2018? Can it be usedContinue reading “Best USB-C Hubs for iPad Pro 2018”