Best Charger to Charge Samsung Galaxy S8 Faster


Two flagship of Samsung—Galaxy S8 and S8+—have recently launched and it is reported that you can pre-order now and will release in stores fully on April 21 in the U.S. As a big fan of Samsung, you may be ready to know everything about your brand new Samsung and among them battery life is always the key question to concern. Many of you wonder if you can charge your Samsung S8 faster with keeping the battery safe and still prolong its life.


The answer is “yes”! To achieve both of your purposes, there are two preparations you should make. For one thing, you should get some skills on how to charge your Samsung properly. Briefly, in order to prolong the battery life, you smartphone should be avoided overheating and overcharging. But these are more relying on a clever charger. So comes to another, you should back up some fast charging devices such as best wall chargers, wireless chargers or car charges which well compatible with your Samsung S8.
As the new released Samsung S8 and S8+ features fast charging and wireless charging, you can consider requiring the best fast chargers the editor listed below.


EasyAcc 30W 2-Port Wall Charger
EasyAcc Wall Charger adopts Quick Charge port which offers up to 4 times faster charger than conventional chargers. With the cutting-edge Smart Charge technology, your smartphone is exposed to a safe condition in which the charger protects the smartphone from overcharging. One charger reliefs all you anxiety; it proves to be a good choice.


Samsung Galaxy S8 Wireless Fast Charger Convertible
This is the official Samsung wireless fast charger convertible which launched alongside the Samsung S8 and S8+. It designed very convenient for you to transform it from a charging pad to a stand. It’s a considerable change from the general charging pads which helps you handling your messages with no problem whiling charging. Black and brown are available. It is very attractive; the only drawback is you have to afford one by paying another $87.99.


EasyAcc 34W Car Charger
Your Samsung S8 may be on the way. If you are a busy traveller; one best car charger becomes inevitable accessories for you. The EasyAcc Car Charger is one of good options. Its three outputs deliver fast charge just as your devices original chargers do and serve your backseat friends or family members well at the same time. There are two options of 12V and 24V, you are sure to give enough use on the way.
After the release of Samsung S8 and S8+, there will be many compatible chargers on the market. Any problems or good ideas you get while purchasing are appreciated to comment below!


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