How to charge your new iPad Pro faster


The new generation of iPad Pro was finally released as scheduled, not only with the comprehensive screen design of removing the HOME button, but also with the face ID function without notch, and also equipped with Apple’s most powerful chip A12X bionics to date. Apple claims iPad Pro 2018 is so strong that many laptops are envious. However, these improvements are all under expectation, and what surprised us is the USB Type-C port, which was only rumored on the eve of the conference, turned to be true on the new iPad Pro.


iPad Pro 2018 replaces the original Lightning port with a USB-C that delivers USB 3.1 Gen 2, this means it can drive a maximum of 10 gigabits per second, which makes it possible for the iPad to drive a 5K monitor at 60 frames per second. However, you need to get extra dongles to connect it. What about charging speed? How to quick charge the new iPad Pro 2018?

Both of the 11-inch and 12.9-inch new iPad Pro come with a USB-C 18W charger, and a double-ended USB-C cable, which means the old accessories might not be compatible anymore,  unless it has a USB-C output. According to the data sheet Apple provided, the lithium battery the new iPad Pro sports is 29Wh for 11-inch and 36Wh for 12.9-inch, which ensures 10 hours playtime. With the 18W charger in the box, theoretically it takes about 2.15 hours and 2.67 hours to fully charge new iPad Pro from 0% till 100% respectively. Can we have a faster way? Of course yes.

1.If you are a MacBook or MacBook Pro user, you are free to use the 30W MacBook charger or 61/87W MacBook Pro charger to charge your iPad Pro 2018 faster

For a Apple eco-chain member, the new USB-C refreshment on iPad Pro is a great improvement as it cuts off the cable clutters and lighten the package burden. From now on you can only bring one charger and charge all your Apple devices, except iPhone. Rumors said that iPhone will embrace the USB-C technology in 2019, let’s get check it out.


2. Get a new higher-power charger

Frequent travelers, or people who hate chaos, will want to replace the original charger with a multi-output PD charger.  It’s convenient, portable and able to charge USB-C and USB devices simultaneously, somehow satisfies all-in-one solution. Introducing this little Aukey 46W PD wall charger, theoretically it can efficiently save around half or your charging time, even capable of charging a MacBook Pro, we will release the exact data when the test’s done. Additionally, it offers 10.5W USB port powers all 5V USB devices with output up to 2.1A, much faster than the original iPhone charger. Other accessories please check out here.



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