What Should We Do to Avoid Phone Explosion


Recently, mobile phone explosion has been frequently reported for which concerns have been raised about the security issue when people using mobile phones. In fact, the mobile phone itself is not the leading cause of explosion, the battery inside is the real reason instead. So how can we avoid phone explosion—the potential threat without any omen?


The fact is, as consumers, it is almost impossible for us to judge whether the mobile phone has quality problem. So what we can do to avoid explosion is to improve our safety consciousness when we use mobile phones. Some pernicious habits are pointed as the chief culprits of explosion.


Use phone while charging it
For many phone freaks, they tend to use their mobile phone while charging as they cannot put aside their smartphone even for one minute. In this case, they may put themselves into a very dangerous situation. Quick charge generates a large amount of heat and it puts pressure on the processor, which contributes to the possibility of explosion. For this reason, avoid phone calls while charging no matter how busy you are. No mobile games and videos as well even though you have nothing to kill your time. Meanwhile, you should unplug your device before using it.


Use off-brand batteries or chargers
The technological revolution of the past few decades has been an empowering force in the world. With the rapid development of electronic products, all kinds of chargers filling with life confused so many users. Current and voltage in different quick charge protocols vary significantly. Although overheat protection functions can prevent damage in the short term, make sure the protocols on the charger you use long term match your device. Furthermore, battery is the core of your mobile phone and electrical energy is stored in the lithium core of the battery, so it’s important to use a high-quality lithium core, as low quality cores can be easily damaged and short circuit. Most of time, the low quality batteries corner from no-name manufactures for they often cut every corner to make their products economically accessible to all.


To solve this problem, you need to use original or qualified batteries and charges available at reliable manufactures. You can find the trustworthy products on knock-off brands available on the Amazons and eBay of the world.


Overcharging is another unwise behavior to possibly cause mobile devices boom. Unfortunately, may people have this habit—plug their chargers and turn off the mobile phone before they go to sleep. Charge your phone when the battery has reached to 100%, and even overnight in particular should be avoided. Overcharging causes dendrites to grow on the surface of the battery, which can lead the battery to overheat and shorten the battery life. In order to prolong your lithium batteries, unplugging the charger when it has been charged to 99% is recommended. Don’t charge your low-power mobile phone, if you are going to sleep and charge it in the next day morning instead.


What I mentioned above are main reasons of explosion by users’ unwise use of mobile phone. Besides, attention should also be paid to the places where you charge for your mobile phone. Avoid charging it close to any hot or wet place such as in a parked car or bath room.

To assure 100% percent battery safety is impossible, the best we can do is to keep a good habit while using mobile phone so that we can be furthest protected from harm.


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