Are you ready the Candy bag for Halloween in 2020?

Halloween is coming soon this year, but it semms destined to be a totally different as years ago.The coronavirus pandemic is changing Halloween, but  it is still possible to celebrate the spooky holiday safely. How do you usually spend halloween ? All we need to do is put on your costume,eat some candy ,and getContinue reading “Are you ready the Candy bag for Halloween in 2020?”

Is it safe to trick-or-treat in 2020?

Halloween is one of the most loved festivals in the world, but the year 2020 seems to be so unfriendly to that. According to the investigation from Harris Poll Servey, more than 70% of millennial moms are planning to make “the most” of Halloween with their families, and 80% regard the trick-or-treat at the topContinue reading “Is it safe to trick-or-treat in 2020?”

Does iPhone 12 series have Fingerprint sensor?

There has a rumour that the new iPhone could be equipped with a fingerprint sensor on the side.But according to the  iphone publish event, iphone 12 series don’t have rear-mounted fingerprint sensor.  Face ID is still the main  set-up as most of iphone  series . Touch ID was first introduced in iPhones with 2013’s iPhone 5S, and has been included onContinue reading “Does iPhone 12 series have Fingerprint sensor?”

Does iPhone 12 Mini have telephoto camera?

Apple has published the new iphone 12 lineup on October 13, 2020 finnally, even though it should be show up on September.The biggest news for me is the iphone 12 mini launching which broke the  giant models tradition .iPhone 12 mini only features  5.4 inch ,.Without doubt,the smallest member of the new iPhone 12 familyContinue reading “Does iPhone 12 Mini have telephoto camera?”

How to charge Apple iPhone 12

Apple debuts iPhone 12 series with a lot updates and surprises at its launch event yesterday, including the anticipated 5G and  new Magsafe wireless charging system, and surprisingly No charger and No earpods in the box! Apple said it’s for the reason of environment, however the increased margins, shipping costs, the transition to a futureContinue reading “How to charge Apple iPhone 12”

Can you charge your iPhone with an iPad or Mac power adapter?

Many Apple fans own a series of Apple products, such as the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac. But since different product corresponds with different power adapters, sometimes it can be cumbersome to bring all these accessories. Is it possible to pick just one of them, like the Mac power adapter, and use it to chargeContinue reading “Can you charge your iPhone with an iPad or Mac power adapter?”

How to choose a power bank for your 2020 iPad Pro 11/12.9 inch?

The iPad Pro 11 inch and 12.9 inch released in March are definitely the best laptop replacement ever. The fast A12Z Bionic performance, the brilliant display, iPad OS’ new and improved cursor control, the “Magic” Keyboard, and the long battery life. All these make the new iPads the best tablet you can buy. However, forContinue reading “How to choose a power bank for your 2020 iPad Pro 11/12.9 inch?”

The ultimate guide to free up space on your iPhone

iPhone has an excellent operating system, but sometimes you may be disappointed to find there’s no micro SD card slot when you’ve run out of storage space and are no more able to enjoy the phone the way you want. Luckily, this can be avoided through our ultimate guide to free up space on yourContinue reading “The ultimate guide to free up space on your iPhone”

How to fix your iPhone that won’t turn on

It can be frustrating that your iPhone suddenly won’t start — especially when you have to deal with important things using the phone. But the good thing is, most of the time, it’s not hard to narrow down the problem and get your iPhone work again. In general, your iPhone doesn’t turn on is eitherContinue reading “How to fix your iPhone that won’t turn on”

What to do with Google Pixel 4’s poor battery life

Pixel 4 is Google’s one of the latest attempts at making a phone that shows off the best of Android. You can see a mix of good features like the flagship photography ability, the beautiful 90Hz display, and the solid easy-to-grip design. However, if you are looking for a long-lasting phone for your mobile gamingContinue reading “What to do with Google Pixel 4’s poor battery life”