How to charge AirPods for the first time?

Apple’s AirPods are widely regarded as one of the company’s best products in recent years, with all the excellent features like the great battery life, portability, easy connectivity, simple charging, and unparalleled Bluetooth range. If you just upgraded to the AirPods and are wondering what is the best way to care for it and how toContinue reading “How to charge AirPods for the first time?”

How do I know my Apple AirPods are charging? What if they won’t charge?

Apple’s Airpods are some of the best true wireless earbuds on the shelves, but they sometimes could go wrong. For example, you may find your Airpods in a low battery percentage even after being in a fully charged case. That can be ascribed to the immaturity of wireless technology, but there are some other reasonsContinue reading “How do I know my Apple AirPods are charging? What if they won’t charge?”

Do Huawei P40/P40 Pro have 3.5mm Headphone Jack?

After Huawei P40 series launched, it caused great repercussions in the smartphone market.It equipped with 6.2″ four-sided “overflow” display, a curved screen on all sides (bar the corners) that’s almost bezel-less and high-resolution image sensor (40MP 1/1.54″). The waterproof IP68 is coming back which means Huawei P40 would miss the 3.5mm headphone jack.In fact, it is notContinue reading “Do Huawei P40/P40 Pro have 3.5mm Headphone Jack?”

Does Huawei P40/P40 Pro/P40 Pro+ support fingerprint and 3D face recognition?

Huawei P40 series were just released days ago. Despite the lack of Google’s services, Huawei P40, P40 Pro and P40 Pro+ crush the competitors with their superior cameras and the captivating overflow display. Now since fast charging/wireless charging and higher refresh rate(for a smoother game and content) is the trend, you may be wondering ifContinue reading “Does Huawei P40/P40 Pro/P40 Pro+ support fingerprint and 3D face recognition?”

Does Huawei P40/P40 Pro have dual SIM or micro SD card slot?

Did you watch the Huawei P40 launch event online on March 26? The Huawei P40 launch is online-only, for the same coronavirus concerns that have lead to a slew of tech launches being turned into online presentations or live streamed events. The iPhone 12 may get pushed back to the end of the year or beyond due to theContinue reading “Does Huawei P40/P40 Pro have dual SIM or micro SD card slot?”

Does Huawei P30 support eSIM technology?

As expected,Huawei  will release Huawei P40 on March ,2020. Did you remember the Huawei P30 as a predecessor released one year ago.In fact, Huawei P30 is  an so  impressive phone for photography and more that it continues to be one of our favorite Android phones on the market. Now,  here is the question, does Huawei P30Continue reading “Does Huawei P30 support eSIM technology?”

How does ToF camera work on iPhone 12 Pro/Pro Max?

We are almost certain that the iPhone 12 series are going to be released this fall. And according to the source of 9to5Mac, there is code “d5x” that refers to two of three devices as having a ToF camera. Considering the iPhone 11 series goes by “d4x”, we know that only the iPhone 12 Pro andContinue reading “How does ToF camera work on iPhone 12 Pro/Pro Max?”

Does Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra have eSIM technology

Samsung Galaxy S20  dual SIM is used widely in the global version,but with eSIM ,there is no need for two SIM cards. We all know that Samsung Galaxy Note 10 doesn’t have eSIM.Samsung Galaxy S20 use eSIM technology in the Verizon version not USA unlocked version,which allows you to ditch plastic SIM cards,easily switch betweenContinue reading “Does Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra have eSIM technology”

Does Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra support 5G?

Samsung Galaxy S20 has unveiled about a month ago. Fans have really highly recommended  for revolutionary camera system,which combined advanced AI with Samsung’s largest image sensors yet.Not only the device is capable of capturing photos and videos in stunning detail, but smart enough to help you choose the best possible shot. The shots captured by SamsungContinue reading “Does Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra support 5G?”

Do Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus have ANC?

Samsung has unpacked 3 new products,a bomb in  the market.It seems that Samsung  launched the  challenge to the competitors,Apple and Mortorola.Apple Air Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Buds plus,Motorola Razr vs Samsung Z Flip, they have good performance  in each features. In some way, Samsung devoted to occupy the smartphone markets. Samsung Galaxy buds plus isContinue reading “Do Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus have ANC?”