How to show battery percentage on iPhone 14

Since Apple introduced the notch back in 2017, we’ve seen the battery percentage disappearing because of the limited space at the top of the screen. When you receive your new iPhone 14, the same question may arise: how much juice do you have left? How to show battery percentage on your iPhone 14? The good news is that except the common ways that you used on the previous models (with Face ID), Apple now offers you another option to enable the function.

How to show battery percentage in iOS 16

Battery percentage is always visible on iPhone SE and iPhone 8 or earlier models. But on iPhone 14, you need to enable it yourself. iPhone 14 comes with the latest iOS 16, so you just go to Settings>Battery, then toggle on the battery percentage. Now you will see a full battery icon with the percentage in numbers inside it. By comparison, earlier models show the battery percentage in numbers next to the battery icon. If you don’t like the new design of the battery percentage, reports show that in future update, the icon will change according to the battery charge.

If you are using older models, you will need to download the iOS to apply the function. Open Settings>General>Software Update. Tap Download in Install to get the most recent iOS update.

How to show battery percentage with a widget

Of course, you can also show the battery percentage with a “Batteries” widget. Just hold your finger on any app icon until a menu pops up. Then select “Edit Home Screen” and tap the plus “+” button in the upper-left corner of the screen. Next, there will pop out a widget selection menu, select the “Batteries” widget.

After that, click “Add Widget”, then drag the “Batteries” widget to either your Today View or a home screen page. Tap “Done” and you’ll have widget that shows your iPhone’s battery percentage in large numbers.



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