Samsung Galaxy S9 vs Samsung Galaxy S9+: Does Galaxy S9 better than Galaxy S9+?

Whether it is Apple or Samsung, although secrecy increases at different levels, the high degree of attention has made their flagship appear to be nowhere in circulation before released. A few days ago Samsung formally announced the Galaxy S9 and S9+ two new generation of the flagships at MWC 2018. For consumers,  which flagship isContinue reading “Samsung Galaxy S9 vs Samsung Galaxy S9+: Does Galaxy S9 better than Galaxy S9+?”

Why LG G6 is better than S8

It is increasingly hard for people to choose handset today as there are so many options available in the market. Especially for the new-released one, we usually need enough time to see whether it is good or not. But for those who are eager to replace their old mobile phone, suggestions from related reviews andContinue reading “Why LG G6 is better than S8”

What is Wemogee and how to use Wemogee

When you read this name, did you think about something we are familiar with? Emoji? Yes, it is. Samsung WemogeeTM is the first emoji-based chat app, an app for talking through images. It is developed by Samsung Italy. This app was created in order to restore the possibility for aphasia sufferers to communicate easily andContinue reading “What is Wemogee and how to use Wemogee”

Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Your brand new Samsung Galaxy S8+ with a gorgeous design must make you fondle admiringly. However, its stunning 6.2-inch to some degree makes the device more susceptible to damage with accidental bump and drops. Do you want to keep you phone looking “like new” over time? The editor here rounded up a list of goodContinue reading “Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus”

Why Does My Samsung Phone Keep Beeping

When surfing the Internet we may come across some complaints about beeping Samsung phone and many of us may agree that a beeping phone is rather annoying. In this article the editor listed 4 common reasons for the beeping and gave solutions accordingly. 1. App Notice Your Samsung may keep beeping because there is anContinue reading “Why Does My Samsung Phone Keep Beeping”

Samsung Gear 360 2017 vs Samsung Gear 360 2016: What are they and what’s difference

Alongside the release of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus, the new Samsung Gear 360 camera was unpacked in the early April. Samsung Gear 360 is a 360-degree camera in the Samsung Gear family of devices. The first generation Samsung Gear 360 was unveiled on February 21, 2016. Samsung Gear 2016 features two 180 degreeContinue reading “Samsung Gear 360 2017 vs Samsung Gear 360 2016: What are they and what’s difference”

Best Power Banks for Samsung Galaxy S8

For a long time waiting, Samsung launched the flagship Galaxy S8 eventually since Samsung Note 7 exploded last year. This time despite Samsung optimized the Galaxy S8 in different aspects, such as equipped with iris scanning, Bixby assistant and so on. It’s a pity that Galaxy S8 doesn’t improve the battery capacity as expected, so theContinue reading “Best Power Banks for Samsung Galaxy S8”

Best Bluetooth Mouse for Samsung Tablet 2016

Do you feel it is sometimes inconvenient to use a tablet without assist of a mouse? Well, if you no longer want to use your finger as the pointing device while using your Samsung tablet, you will be happy with a wireless Bluetooth mouse. As is known to us, most of the Samsung tablets applyContinue reading “Best Bluetooth Mouse for Samsung Tablet 2016”

How to Connect Samsung TV to Wireless Sound Bar

Congratulations on your new wireless sound bar! Now, the next step for you is to connect the wireless sound bar to your Samsung TV and then you can enjoy crystal clear TV sound and relax yourself sitting on the sofa. However, the very first preparation you should make is to require some knowledge about howContinue reading “How to Connect Samsung TV to Wireless Sound Bar”

Samsung Galaxy Note7 V.S. Note 5: What has been changed?

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 came in Aug 2nd. Note 7 changes a lot with the new blue color compare to Note5. With Note 7 coming, the price for Note 5 should decrease after. So, some Samsung fans may start thinking is it worth to buy a New Note 7. Also, there are other people thinkContinue reading “Samsung Galaxy Note7 V.S. Note 5: What has been changed?”