Is OnePlus Buds Pro waterproof?

Active noise cancellation is the biggest selling point of wireless headphones, but for those exercise lovers, waterproof rating can be their top priority. OnePlus Buds Pro, the company’s first top-tier earbuds will meet your need in this aspect. It is unprecedentedly waterproof and dustproof, achieving a IP55 waterproof rating, a relatively high score in theContinue reading “Is OnePlus Buds Pro waterproof?”

Is OnePlus Nord 2 5G waterproof?

It has been long since many high-end smartphones have come with an IP rating. As a flagship smartphone with a mid-range price, OnePlus Nord 2 5G is really mesmerizing for its large, bright screen, great camera, decent performance, robust battery life, and the excellent Oxygen OS software. Does it also come with an IP rating?Continue reading “Is OnePlus Nord 2 5G waterproof?”

Is OnePlus 9 Pro waterproof?

Recently, The best Android phone has been released on March.It is OnePlus 9 pro,which based on  a Shenzhen-based start-up and producer of smartphones founded in December, 2013.Some of reviews has given the higher rating.The OnePlus 9 Pro offers phenomenal performance, a vastly superior camera to the brand’s previous smartphones.But, Now we will focus on theContinue reading “Is OnePlus 9 Pro waterproof?”

Is Huawei Mate X2 waterproof?

Speaking of the foldable smartphone, you may think of the Motorola Razr or Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. Recently,Huawei come out the strongest foldable phone.If you want to combine the  functionality of a tablet and a smartphone, the Huawei Mate X2 foldable phone is your best choice. His innovative device expands its screen from 6.45″ toContinue reading “Is Huawei Mate X2 waterproof?”

How water-resistant is the iPhone 12 series?

We already know that either of the four iPhone 12 series is rated IP68: the vanilla, Mini, Pro, and Pro Max. As the “I” stands for how well protected against dust a device is, which runs from 0 to 6. While the “P” refers to protection against moisture on a scale of 0 to 9. So weContinue reading “How water-resistant is the iPhone 12 series?”

Is iPhone 12 IP68 rated waterproof

Before the official debut of iPhone 12 line, the rumors said that Apple should change the game of water resistance of smartphone industry. Since iPhone 11 is already rated IP68 waterproof, how could Apple make it better on iPhone 12?  The datasheet says that iPhone 12 is rated IP68 as well,  is it the sameContinue reading “Is iPhone 12 IP68 rated waterproof”

Is Samsung Galaxy Note 20/20 Ultra waterproof?

Samsung just leased its new phone, the Galaxy Note 20 and 20 Ultra. Both of the phones are equipped with many excellent features people were expecting, but one of the most desired may be the waterproof IP rating. According to the official statistics, Galaxy Note 20 and Note Ultra both feature an IP68 rating. So,Continue reading “Is Samsung Galaxy Note 20/20 Ultra waterproof?”

Is OnePlus Nord waterproof?

OnePlus’ second mid-tier OnePlus Nord will soon be released on August 4 in select regions around the globe. Since OnePlus 8 finally had an official IP68 water and dust resistant rating, people may wonder if OnePlus will follow suit this time. However, OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei suggested in a conversational video with the tech YouTuber MKBHDContinue reading “Is OnePlus Nord waterproof?”

Is Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 waterproof?

A patent published last week, May 22 by the WIPO from Samsung Electronics hints that the next Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 may carry an IP rating. The file refers to the model as “an electronic device including a waterproof structure”, which means Galaxy Fold 2 is likely to be protected from water and even dust.Continue reading “Is Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 waterproof?”

Is the new iPhone SE waterproof?

Apple just announced a second version of the iPhone SE. Although with the exact same $399 price as the original SE, the new model actually crams many great features in an iPhone 8 body, including the super-fast A13 processor, a True Tone display, fast charging and wireless charging. Beyond that, you may also wonder ifContinue reading “Is the new iPhone SE waterproof?”