Best Waterproof Android Wear Smartwatch 2017

Smartwatch has become one of our close friends nowadays, especially for those who are enthusiastic about exercising. Since there are more and more kinds of smartwatches for our selection now, it is hard for us to choose one. In this article, you’ll have access to general introductions to three of the best waterproof Android wearContinue reading “Best Waterproof Android Wear Smartwatch 2017”

Best Waterproof Smartwatch 2017

Jumping into the highly developed stage brings every change in life, watch is not an exception. Innovated Smartwatch can not only tell the time but also beam important notifications straight to your wrist, and run native apps, furthermore, enable you to search the internet with your voice, track your exercise over GPS, and let youContinue reading “Best Waterproof Smartwatch 2017”

Difference between Huawei watch and Huawei watch 2

Characterized by convenience, portable and multifunction, smart watch embraces its brilliant era among the trendy. Huawei Company never stopped trying after involving this area and recently released its second version, Huawei watch 2. Unlike the previous Huawei watch, the new device is not designed to be stylish, but more practical for users. How can weContinue reading “Difference between Huawei watch and Huawei watch 2”

Best Android Wear Watch 2017

In order to grasp consumers’ hearts and take some position in the market, Android spares no efforts to follow people’s steps in pursuit of fashion. Based on people’s requirement for beauty and fitness, Android Wear has evolved a lot since it was first announced back in 2014.nowadays, you are not exposed to a few optionsContinue reading “Best Android Wear Watch 2017”

Best Smartwatch with Camera

The advanced technology has not only brought innovations to smartphone and tablet, but also made smartwatch more than a watch. While you are attracted by the multi-function of smartwatch such as making phone calls, water-resistance, GPS abilities and so forth, you may find that few of smartphones play the role of a camera, even theContinue reading “Best Smartwatch with Camera”