Samsung Gear 360 Manager App

The Samsung gear 360(2017) is coming. The new gear 360 has a new video capability. With this, your pictures and videos will be more clear, elegant, vivid and high-quality. The 4K video and VR experience is the highlight of it this time. This well-priced product is easy to use your own Galaxy phone and aContinue reading “Samsung Gear 360 Manager App”

Samsung Gear 360 Battery Life

From the new Samsung gear 360 unveiled this year, you may think the first generation what Samsung unpacked last year is just used to dip its toes into the water. After a comparison, you can find that the second generation 360 camera has been improved in numerous ways. Whether its mortified design which changed theContinue reading “Samsung Gear 360 Battery Life”

Samsung Gear 360 Camera Review

Samsung’s Gear 360 is an awesome product with capability for pretty decent 360-degree video capturing and wide compatibility for iOS and macOS under an affordable price. Still, it receives some criticisms like not submersible, non-removable battery, limited Android compatibility and disappointing video quality. Since nothing shall go without cons and pros, we need to take aContinue reading “Samsung Gear 360 Camera Review”

Can I Use Samsung Gear 360 with Non-Samsung Phone

The powerful Samsung Gear 360 helps you recording your splendid life, but the only flaw is that it not designed to compatible with non-Samsung phones.Much like its Gear VR headset, Samsung’s Gear 360 camera only works with a few high-end Samsung smartphones like the new launched Galaxy s8 and s8+. Luckily, you now can connectContinue reading “Can I Use Samsung Gear 360 with Non-Samsung Phone”

What Is a 360 Camera

360 camera is now a less unfamiliar word to us since we are welcoming a wave of it, and some electronic product manufacturing magnates such as LG and Samsung have also joined the 360 camera market. In this article the editor will introduce what is a 360 camera and recommend two of the best 360Continue reading “What Is a 360 Camera”

How to Connect Samsung Gear 360(2017) to iPhone or iPad

After the releasement of new Gear 360(2017), Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd launched the new Samsung Gear 360 app, which is compatible with Gear 360(2017) and Gear 360. For the Live Stream function of Gear 360(2017), Samsung Gear 360(new) app added a new feature named Live Broadcast. However, it only works on Gear 360(2017) and onlyContinue reading “How to Connect Samsung Gear 360(2017) to iPhone or iPad”

Samsung Gear 360 Accessories

With cameras, every second of your colorful life can be captured and well stored. Nowadays, you can even live stream your excellent moment with your friends on Facebook with Samsung Gear 360. Together with the new released galaxy s8 and s8+, Samsung has introduced the new gear 360. Accessories always play an important role toContinue reading “Samsung Gear 360 Accessories”

Is Samsung Gear 360(2017) camera waterproof

Samsung unveiled its new flagship phone Galaxy S8 and S8 plus in the early April. Besides, its new 360 degree camera, Gear 360(2017), is also an eye-catching gadget. The Gear 360(2017) has evolved to let you record in 4K or broadcast live, and then make it your own with the Samsung Gear 360 app. YouContinue reading “Is Samsung Gear 360(2017) camera waterproof”

Samsung Gear 360 2017 vs Samsung Gear 360 2016: What are they and what’s difference

Alongside the release of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus, the new Samsung Gear 360 camera was unpacked in the early April. Samsung Gear 360 is a 360-degree camera in the Samsung Gear family of devices. The first generation Samsung Gear 360 was unveiled on February 21, 2016. Samsung Gear 2016 features two 180 degreeContinue reading “Samsung Gear 360 2017 vs Samsung Gear 360 2016: What are they and what’s difference”