Can I Use Samsung Gear 360 with Non-Samsung Phone


The powerful Samsung Gear 360 helps you recording your splendid life, but the only flaw is that it not designed to compatible with non-Samsung phones.Much like its Gear VR headset, Samsung’s Gear 360 camera only works with a few high-end Samsung smartphones like the new launched Galaxy s8 and s8+.
Luckily, you now can connect your Samsung Gear with your smartphone through a modified Samsung Gear 360 Manager — the app used to control the Gear 360. This app was modified byXDA developer Bin4ry which allows most Android smartphones running Android 5.0 or higher to operate the camera.


However, it can be expected that some bugs will exist as this is not an official app. For instance, video from the camera samsung gear 360 may come in at a lower quality, stitching takes longer on some phones, and the app may crash from time to time.But if you own a samsung gear 360 camera but no Samsung phones you can give it a try following the steps below!
Step1: Download
It is essentialto download both Bin4ry’s Samsung Gear 360 Manager App and Samsung’s Accessory Service app, which is available in the Play Store. (Note: download either the 2K or 4K version)
Step2: Copy the two download APK files to your Android device.
Step3: Install the APK
Make sure that “installation from other sources” is enabled in the Android settings!
Step4: Connect the Gear 360 Camera
Pay attention that sometimes it is necessary to manually select the Gear 360 Wi-Fi network.


The above steps are not so specific, if you are confused about it you can click here to view the video from YouTube which teaching you how to connect your non-Samsung smartphone with your Samsung gear 360.


It is obvious that this is a good news for those who are interested in the Gear 360 but don’t own an officially supported devices. However, there is a premise that is your smartphone should run Android 5.0 or later. What’s more, just like Bin4ry cautions that there are several issues need to be resolved, so it is wise for users to think carefully before using.Still, despite its flaws, this is a great mod which makes me believe that in the near future it will get better with the bugs being patching. Or it is possible for Samsung to develop its products compatible with any smartphones. What’s your imagination towards this? Your comments are very welcome!

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