Samsung Gear 360 Camera Review


Samsung’s Gear 360 is an awesome product with capability for pretty decent 360-degree video capturing and wide compatibility for iOS and macOS under an affordable price. Still, it receives some criticisms like not submersible, non-removable battery, limited Android compatibility and disappointing video quality. Since nothing shall go without cons and pros, we need to take a good acknowledge of them and weigh the both parts before making judgments. Here is a review of Samsung Gear 360 camera in the perspective of design, features and video quality.


design_about _samsung_gear_360_camera

Samsun Gear 360 comes at $227.69. It is designed with a small camera globe and set atop a finger-length stalk that contains the battery, measuring 3.9 by 1.8 by 1.8 inches (HWD) and weighs 4.6 ounces.The camera is IP53 rain resistant, but not waterproof. It charges and syncs via a USB-C port, and records to a microSD memory card. According to the test, the battery was good for 90 minutes of recording in 4K, you can also expect longer use if you opt for a lower resolution—about two hours when shooting in 2K.



Due to the limited compatibility of Gear 360,the first sticking point is that you’ll need one of a select handful of Galaxy smartphones to get the proper VR experience, just as Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, Note 5, S7 or S7 Edge, if you cannot get them you will be missing out on several of Gear’s features.

Secondly, the small 0.5in 72 x 32 PMOLED display at the top of the camera allows you to select basic settings without being connected to a phone, what’s more, the tiny icons give you an view of the current settings alongside an estimate of how much recording space you’ve got left on your SD card. The only downside is that the display isn’t particularly bright, and is tricky to see in bright sunlight – but at least you’ve got one, unlike the Ricoh Theta S.

Thirdly a tiny LED light above each lens to indicate which lens is in use. This means you have literally no excuse for accidentally snapping a selfie while setting the thing up.

Fourthly, when using Gear 360, you have to collate it with a compatible handset to ensure the work of camera. You may think it troublesome but when using the menu and back buttons on the side, you can quickly flit between video, photo, timelapse and video looping shooting modes, switch between the two lenses, select the image qualityand set a timer up to a maximum of ten seconds.

Video and picture quality


The first Gear 360 captured video at 3,840 by 1,920; and the one in 2017 ups the resolution to 4,096 by 2,048, both can ensure a nice scene but the later one may be more significant.In addition, the Gear 360 sets itself apart from the crowd by allowing traditional, flat 16:9 footage at 1080p using either of its lenses.The picture resolution of Gear 360 comes at 15.7MP and like most cameras with small image sensors, the Gear delivers photos that are similar with what you get from a flagship smartphone camera.


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