Samsung Gear 360 Battery Life


From the new Samsung gear 360 unveiled this year, you may think the first generation what Samsung unpacked last year is just used to dip its toes into the water. After a comparison, you can find that the second generation 360 camera has been improved in numerous ways. Whether its mortified design which changed the former tripod into grip handle, broader support for smartphones, live broadcasting to YouTube and Facebook, or faster connectivity, all give us a deep impression.

Of course, there is another thing we will never forget to ask of digital devices that is battery life. Next, let’s have a look what change have been made in Samsung gear 360 battery life.


Battery power compares to the 1350mAh of the first generation, the new gear 360 makes a few sacrifices which measures 1160mAh. However it was claimed that it supports longer battery life due to its power saving design.

Charging is updated as well. Removing the micro USB (USB2.0) ports, the new generation adopted the newest Type-C (USB2.0) port which is fully exposed and can be accessed without compromising waterproofing.

Removable it isn’t anymore, but it supports external power resources while you are using it. However what deserves your attention is that batteries are usually damaged in overheating conditions and this may be caused by charging while using.


Best USB-C Portable Charger for Samsung Gear 360

Out of power can be the usual case when you travel outside for whether videos-filming or still pics shooting. Therefore, it is necessary to equip yourself with portable chargers for your devices. Given the type-c charging port, the following chargers may be satisfied you.


AUKEY portable charger 30,000 mAh

A massive 30,000 mAh capacity must be enough to charge your devices for several times. And the AUKEY portable charger comes with two regular USB ports with one of them featuring Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 support, and the other USB-C port. The USB-C port can also be used to recharge the device itself, and can be coupled with the microUSB input to fully charge the power bank faster. Besides these, you can still find something you might think quite useful such as a flashlight which can be helpful when sometimes you walk in the darkness.


Anker PowerCore+ 20,100 mAh

Anker is one of the popular power bank makers who own a good reputation as well. Recommended by Time Magazine, the PowerCore+’s 20100mAh capacity can fully charge 1 MacBook, 1 iPhone and 1 iPad Air 2 on a single charge. You get two USB ports that utilize PowerIQ technology, as well as a USB Type-C port. The only drawback may be its little higher price.


EasyAcc Quick Charge 2.0 USB Type C Power Bank

The EasyAcc quick charge power bank comes with Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 Technology and charges compatible devices up to 75% faster than a standard charger. Thanks to the smart charging technology, its dual smart output ports automatically can identify the type of device and output the suitable electric current for your device like the original power adapter. Although it does not build in Type-C port, a prepared USB Type C Cable well change USB-A to USB Type-C cables for 3A (max) charging.

So many else options are out of there, if you are in the market for a best USB Type-C power bank, tell us what will be your choice!


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