Samsung Gear 360 Manager App


The Samsung gear 360(2017) is coming. The new gear 360 has a new video capability. With this, your pictures and videos will be more clear, elegant, vivid and high-quality. The 4K video and VR experience is the highlight of it this time. This well-priced product is easy to use your own Galaxy phone and a computer. And you can connect it with your phone by the Samsung gear 360 manager app.

The Samsung gear 360 manager app helps you to use gear 360 easily. So here I will tell you several things you can do with the Samsung gear 360 manager app.

  • Check it on your phone by the app.
  • Share it on social networks.
  • Check the setting of the gear 360.
  • Synchronize the clock and the GPS data.
  • Compatibility with Gear VR.

All the things above is the function of the app. You will have a wonderful journey with this.


After talking about the gear 360, it’s time to introduce other apps. Having a Samsung phone, you need these free apps to full your daily life and to make your photos and videos elegant.




A glamorous filter can make you express yourself differently. Share your mind with your family, friends, even the whole world. It provides huge range of filters and lots of collage layout. The Retrica offers more than 100 stickers for beautifying your photos and videos. The most interesting function is that it can embed your personal information into your photos, so that your message will spread throughout the whole world with your photo. With these functions, just enjoy your selfies time!



The only problem for the smartphone now is the quality of the video. Quik gives you help for being an editor of the video. You can add up to 75 photos or video clips from Gallery, Facebook, or GoPro Plus. Then Quik will analyze your video clips. Also Quik will detect faces for perfect framing for each photo. There are 22 kinds of video style for you to choose. Each section provides a well-designed transition and picture effects. The background music and the title are also up to you.



Got a quick idea for an amazing thing? Got an important receipt? Write down them! Evernote is a clean, clear and simple app. The simplest interface is convenient for you to write a diary and make a meeting record. More and more people dislike to write a diary on the notebook. It is a simpler way for us to record daily life. There are lots of functions about accounting, travel plan, and the project management. This notes app let your work and study efficiently as 3 times as the usual.

Hope the above information and method can help you use the device. If you have any other problem please comment below, we will try our best to help.


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