Samsung Gear 360 2017 vs Samsung Gear 360 2016: What are they and what’s difference


Alongside the release of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus, the new Samsung Gear 360 camera was unpacked in the early April. Samsung Gear 360 is a 360-degree camera in the Samsung Gear family of devices. The first generation Samsung Gear 360 was unveiled on February 21, 2016. Samsung Gear 2016 features two 180 degree wide-angle lenses which can take a shot simultaneously. Just click once and you can merge two photos to produce a seamless 360 image. You can shoot near 4K resolution videos or a 30 MP photos with it. Its small size and light weight enable to be held in one hand and put into your pocket. Included tripod lets it easily be set down so you can live in the moment. As a new gadget, it also has some drawbacks. Then, 2 generation Gear 360 shows up in this year. How is it and what’s the difference with Gear 360 2016? Here’s a brief comparison between Gear 360 2017 and Gear 360 2016.


Samsung Gear 360 2017 vs Samsung Gear 360 2016


You can easily make a conclusion that a lot of specs have been changed. This new 360-degree camera has a smaller battery, and takes photos with less detail and resolution? The biggest change of this new Gear 360 is the more than 20mm it lost between the two sensors. That decrease makes stitching together images and video much easier, which means the camera itself can take more realistic 360-degree photos. Even with twice the pixels to capture with, the previous Gear 360 frequently appeared distorted where the two halves of the image were stitched together. This smaller body makes it easier to take better photos, and as we know from smartphones more megapixels does not mean a better image.

Samsung Gear 2017 canceled the design of tripod. Instead, there is a cute integration grip which is featured a physical shutter button. Meanwhile, it is smaller and lighter than old one. Gear 360 2017 is more portable. The USB-C port is a noticeable new feature, which let you connect a cable straight to your phone if your camera is in need little top-off. Nothing makes us happier than know that new Gear 360 is compatible with the non-Samsung phone as well. This is a tremendous advance indeed.


New Features of Samsung Gear 360 2017


Little Planet – It’s not challenging to turn any 360-degree photo into a Little Planet, where the perspective is inverted and the horizon line is no longer the focal point, but the new Gear 360 lets you see a preview of this mode before taking the photo, and even letting you mess around a little with the sizing and proportions before taking a photo.

Landscape HDR – As the name suggests, this lets you capture multiple still photos back to back at different exposures so you can enjoy a photo with greater dynamic range. It’s perfect for capturing a sunrise over the ocean or a wide open space at midday with the sun bearing down.

Looping Video – Instead of worrying about running out of storage, this mode will record over itself when the microSD card is full. It’ll continue doing this until you tell it not to, so you can in theory record for an entire day while connected to power and be able to look back and the last couple of hours when you return to your camera.

These two cameras have a lot of small differences that really add up depending on how you decide to use your camera. If you want a Gear 360 you can mount somewhere and take great big photos, the Gear 360 2016 is still a great camera. If you want something you want to carry around with you, and you are interested in exploring what is possible with a 360-degree camera, the Gear 360 2017 will be what you want to buy when it goes on sale.

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