Samsung Gear 360 Accessories


With cameras, every second of your colorful life can be captured and well stored. Nowadays, you can even live stream your excellent moment with your friends on Facebook with Samsung Gear 360. Together with the new released galaxy s8 and s8+, Samsung has introduced the new gear 360. Accessories always play an important role to enhance the devices’ performance, so let’s see what accessories you may need to compatible with your Samsung Gear 360.


Bluetooth Remote Control
This is a considerable accessory for those who without a compatible galaxy device but still own a Samsung gear 360. It enables you to control your shutter easily with one hand and keep your device safely in your pocket. Carrying this controller while hiking or climbing, you are free from worrying it will bring damage to your gear 360. Of course, if you are a big fan of Samsung, then your mobile phone of the S6, S7, S8 or Note 5 generations is can be directly used as the controller to control the camera remotely with the Gear 360 Manager app.


Most of time we find that it’s hard to take a good shoot of the scenery from a high perspective, in this case, that’s because we may be lack of something called a longer tripod. An extended tripod can help you to reduce the prominence of the ground and better focus on your target. On top of it, the tripod is collapsible so it can be used as a handheld monopod just like the handle itself of the redesigned gear 360(2017).


If you are not satisfied with shooting from ground or a higher perspective then a flat or curved mount is something you need. As the flat mount can be easily affixed to flat surface such as wall or ceiling and curved mount can by contrasted be attached to a helmet and car dash, you can use your Bluetooth remote or use it with the galaxy s8 or s8+ to live stream every special moment with your family and friends.


All this accessories are rolled into Samsung gear accessory Start Kit for gear 360(2016) and Value Kit for gear 360(2017). You should pay extra money to buy them. In addition to this, you are provided with USB cable (Type-C), Strap, Pouch, Quick Start Guide in the box of your gear 360(2017).
Match your gear 360 with all this accessories and change you way of documenting your everyday life!

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  1. Hello,

    Nice article, I have the gear360 217 but I couldn’t find the value kit for the 2017 version. I only can find the 2016 version. Can you help me ?


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