Does OnePlus 6 have face unlock

Nowadays, smartphones carry too much personal privacy and sensitive data, and everyone needs a more secure and convenient encryption mode to protect their data security. The development of mobile phone encryption has gone through several stages, from password, pattern, fingerprint, iris, and now to face. As far as the current development is concerned, face recognition,Continue reading “Does OnePlus 6 have face unlock”

Does OnePlus 6 Have Wifi Calling?

WiFi calling can allow users to make calls in areas with poor reception, letting you take calls and get messages where the cellular network might not reach and improve call quality. WiFi calling can also extend battery life as it is more power efficient than a standard call made directly over the network. With customers’Continue reading “Does OnePlus 6 Have Wifi Calling?”

OnePlus: The Journey to 6

The smartphone industry is filled with cutthroat competition from hundreds of manufacturers. There is, however, one smartphone maker that has always been different. Yes, we’re talking about OnePlus. With OnePlus’s recent launch of their latest flagship model – OnePlus 6, we felt it was the right time to revisit some of the previous OnePlus phonesContinue reading “OnePlus: The Journey to 6”

Is OnePlus 6 Really Worth It?

As tons of phone brands with different models, quality and pricing tiers out there, it makes the act of buying a new smartphone much confusing and complicated. Recently, OnePlus added its OnePlus 6 into its family with a price tag starting from $529, while is it really worth it? What is OnePlus 6? OnePlus 6Continue reading “Is OnePlus 6 Really Worth It?”

Best Power Bank for OnePlus 6

With OnePlus releasing a new flagship every six months, here we meet the newest OnePlus 6. Compared with the predecessor, the new flagship features a faster performance-driven core and a better photographer-friendly camera packed into a glass body, etc. These above specs are enough to lure a great number of people into buying the OnePlusContinue reading “Best Power Bank for OnePlus 6”

Does OnePlus 6 Have IR Blaster?

A phone with an IR blaster can be used as a universal remote control, allowing you to control various electronic devices such as TV, projector and so on in many places. Unfortunately, many smartphones with IR blasters aren’t as much as they used to be. OnePlus’s emphasis from the beginning of the brand establishment is wellContinue reading “Does OnePlus 6 Have IR Blaster?”

Does OnePlus 6 Support Wireless Charging?

Does OnePlus 6 Support Wireless Charging?   OnePlus recently released the OnePlus 6 smartphone. The media seems to have praised this flagship phone a lot, but they also have some doubts. Does Oneplus 6 support wireless charging? According to the release of OnePlus 6, the answer is the OnePlus 6 doesn’t support wireless charging. Then whyContinue reading “Does OnePlus 6 Support Wireless Charging?”

Does OnePlus 6 have a 3.5mm headphone jack

When OnePlus 6 was still on its way, people started to predicate that OnePlus 6 would join the team that cancels the 3.5mm headphone jack. As we can see, OnePlus may have borrowed the notch from iPhone X, but they keep 3.5mm headphone jack, not like Apple and Google.  In an interview to Forbes, OnePlus co-founder CarlContinue reading “Does OnePlus 6 have a 3.5mm headphone jack”

Is OnePlus 6 waterproof? Even not given an IP rating

On the official website of OnePlus, they do not give an exact IP rating to their newly released OnePlus 6. Just announced that thanks to water resistance, your OnePlus 6 is well-equipped to survive a drop in the sink or a spilled glass of water. Just don’t take it for a swim. That is toContinue reading “Is OnePlus 6 waterproof? Even not given an IP rating”