Does OnePlus 6 have face unlock


Nowadays, smartphones carry too much personal privacy and sensitive data, and everyone needs a more secure and convenient encryption mode to protect their data security. The development of mobile phone encryption has gone through several stages, from password, pattern, fingerprint, iris, and now to face. As far as the current development is concerned, face recognition, especially 3D face recognition, will be the mainstream encryption mode in the future. How about the encryption mode of the latest popular OnePlus 6? 


Does OnePlus 6 have face unlock?

One of the OnePlus 6’s best feature is face unlock, the same as 5T. It’s arguably the fastest on any phone. And OnePlus 6’s face unlock is regarded as faster than the iPhone X. However, there are a lot of news about the insecurity of OnePlus 6’s face unlock. They state that you can unlock someone else’s OnePlus 6 with a photo and that you can’t use your face to log into banking apps securely, or authorize mobile payments.

The story starts with a video shared by Twitter user @rikvduijn suggests the OnePlus 6’s facial security feature can easily be bypassed with a printed photo. He posted a video that shows the phone was successfully unlocked by a friend armed with a printout of his face. 


OnePlus 6 may have a notch as iPhone X, but it didn’t duplicate the sophisticated technology inside the iPhone X notch. OnePlus 6 has a regular front-facing camera inside the notch because getting the equivalent of Apple’s TrueDepth is a rather expensive effort. In fact, no other iPhone X clones feature Face ID-like support.

OnePlus told PhoneArena that they designed Face Unlock around convenience, and while they took corresponding measures to optimize its security they always recommended us to use a password/PIN/fingerprint for security. In OnePlus’ defense, no face unlock system is 100% secure. The facial recognition system used by the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was tricked soon after the phone came out, and even the iPhone X’s Face ID system can be fooled by a mask.

OnePlus doesn’t allow anyone to use it to authenticate payments from Google Play or log into banking apps. It’s acceptable to use it to unlock your screen. After all, it’s fast and convenient. No face ID is entirely foolproof. Last year Bkav security researchers constructed 3D masks that were able to trick the iPhone X into unlocking. 

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