Does Samsung Galaxy Z Flip support wireless charging ?

As we all know that Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has released  on February 14.  Would you like to buy the newest Samsung Galaxy S20 series or this foldable phone. According to the review of other public platform, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is less good than  Samsung Galaxy S20 series. I f you are fond of small designContinue reading “Does Samsung Galaxy Z Flip support wireless charging ?”

How to charge Huawei P30 wirelessly

Huawei P30 has been released for a month, unlike the highlighted P30 Pro, Huawei P30 doesn’t incorporate wireless charging and is only rated IP53 on water and dust resistance, it somehow disappointed many customers since the future is undoubtedly wireless. Not only the customers noticed this, Huawei also realized it’s necessary to add wireless charging toContinue reading “How to charge Huawei P30 wirelessly”

Is OnePlus 6 Really Worth It?

As tons of phone brands with different models, quality and pricing tiers out there, it makes the act of buying a new smartphone much confusing and complicated. Recently, OnePlus added its OnePlus 6 into its family with a price tag starting from $529, while is it really worth it? What is OnePlus 6? OnePlus 6Continue reading “Is OnePlus 6 Really Worth It?”

How To Add Wireless Charging To HTC 10

Why the HTC 10 doesn’t have wireless charging? And how to get it? HTC 10 with classical metal design makes it a fashion to review and search more about it. Fans of all-metal smartphones will like that HTC 10 have done for you. Hold the HTC 10 in hand, you will feel like you spent money on somethingContinue reading “How To Add Wireless Charging To HTC 10”