Is OnePlus 6 Really Worth It?

Is-OnePlus 6-Really-Worth-It -1

Is-OnePlus 6-Really-Worth-It -1

As tons of phone brands with different models, quality and pricing tiers out there, it makes the act of buying a new smartphone much confusing and complicated. Recently, OnePlus added its OnePlus 6 into its family with a price tag starting from $529, while is it really worth it?

What is OnePlus 6?

OnePlus 6 is a brand new generation of OnePlus announced on May 21, 2018. It is the first flagship device from the company to have a glass back. Designed with an on-trend notch, makes it like any other big-names such as iPhone X and Samsung S9. Among some of its changes, the most obvious one is that the alert slider has been moved to the right side of the phone which will be more convenient for most of people.

Is-OnePlus 6-Really-Worth-It -2

Pros and Cons of OnePlus 6

Some people think that OnePlus 6 finally hits the ultimate sweet spot between price and performance. But is it true? Let’s see its pros and cons to evaluate whether it is high value for money.

Pro-1: A huge leap in design

Just as what I mentioned before, OnePlus 6 now is made almost completely of glass which makes it ridiculously shiny! It comes with a smart notch compromising for a bigger screen. While if you don’t like the cut-out you can just set it back to a black notch bar shape lying on the top of your smartphone. The alert slider has been moved to the right side which is happy news for most right-handed people. A 6.28 inch 18:9 aspect ratio display is just right for aesthetics.

Pro-2: Extremely fast

The OnePlus 6 is strongly powered by the Snapdragon 845 with a 10nm design process, Kryo 385 cores at its heart and Adreno 630 GPU, which means you can sail through gaming and multitasking activities with ease.

Pro-3: Dash charging

OnePlus 6 didn’t follow the wireless charging step as most of new released phones did. It still uses its Dash charger which proofed to power the phone for a whole day with only 30 minutes charging. If you are not so keen on going wireless this will be a good remain for you.

Is-OnePlus 6-Really-Worth-It -3

However, there are still some cons that need to improve.

Con-1: No Wireless Charging

Although OnePlus’s dash charging is a big advantage, the missing out of a wireless charging in OnePlus 6 still disappoints many people.

Con-2: Water Resistant but Not Waterproof

The OnePlus 6 is claimed to be water resistant but not waterproof. It doesn’t have an official IP-rating, so it is still suspicious whether you can expose it on the rainy day.

All in all, whether OnePlus 6 worth it or not is still a depend-on-you question as different people always have different preference and requirements. If you are going to upgrade your phone, are you willing to replace it with the new OnePlus 6? Please feel free to comment below.


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