Best Power Bank for OnePlus 6

With OnePlus releasing a new flagship every six months, here we meet the newest OnePlus 6. Compared with the predecessor, the new flagship features a faster performance-driven core and a better photographer-friendly camera packed into a glass body, etc. These above specs are enough to lure a great number of people into buying the OnePlus 6 without no doubt, let alone given the fact that OnePlus devices fall in the high-cost performance segment compared to its competitors. It’s a fact that OnePlus has been steadily increasing the price of its products over the last few years, but that’s also true for other smartphones in the market. It’s the time to upgrade your device, so we picked some power banks to match your new OnePlus 6.

 1. The Anker Powercore 20100


Anker PowerCore 20100 battery bank has to be one of the best looking high capacity power banks in the market. It comes in two matte colors – black and a very cool looking white – with four blue LED indicators.

True to Anker’s reputation, the Anker PowerCore 20100 battery bank also offers true 20,000 mAH capacity which means that you can charge OnePlus 6 about 6 times with this power bank. The power bank uses very high quality 6 Panasonic 3400 mAH batteries which are one of the highest quality batteries available in the market. The high qualities batteries are reassuring and promise long life and safety.

2. The RAVPower 22000


There are 3 iSmart USBs automatically adjust the output up to 5.8A. Whether you use it for your OnePlus 6 or you share it with your friends, its huge 22000mAh capacity will take care of any power need you throw at it. DC 5V/2A or 5V/2.4A charger as well as the original USB cable are recommended to recharge the battery pack which takes about 10-12 hours. During recharging, the first battery indicator starts blinking when the power bank is being charged. When the battery level reaches 25%, the first indicator becomes solid and the second starts blinking. The pattern repeats until all indicators become solid and the device is fully charged.

3. The Outxe 20000

Tired of the low battery capacity and mess of a normal one while outdoors? For the number of people prefer outdoor activities is increasing, we recommend the Outxe Savage power bank for better matching your OnePlus 6. It’s IP66 water-resistant, dust-proof and shock-resistant. Military-grade construction and inner reinforcements, covered in rubber material, tested to endure the rigors of the outdoor trips. 

The built-in 2W SunPower solar panel powered by both electricity sources and sunlight, ideal for outdoor activities, which features a high conversion efficiency, that is up to 80% higher than others. It’s the best companion for OnePlus 6 travelers, campers, hikers, skiers, adventurers and other outdoor enthusiasts.

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