Is the Huawei Mate 30 Pro any good?

With the  iPhone 11 and  the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 came out   one by one , Huawei’s Mate 30 Pro smartphone has been revealed   in Munich, Germany . In  regard to iPhone 11,Obviously,there is  not that big of a change visually  this year,eventhough  it  updates  a transformative triple‑camera system and  the fastest chip ever in a smartphone to make gamingContinue reading “Is the Huawei Mate 30 Pro any good?”

Does OnePlus 6 Have IR Blaster?

A phone with an IR blaster can be used as a universal remote control, allowing you to control various electronic devices such as TV, projector and so on in many places. Unfortunately, many smartphones with IR blasters aren’t as much as they used to be. OnePlus’s emphasis from the beginning of the brand establishment is wellContinue reading “Does OnePlus 6 Have IR Blaster?”

Does OnePlus 6 Support Wireless Charging?

Does OnePlus 6 Support Wireless Charging?   OnePlus recently released the OnePlus 6 smartphone. The media seems to have praised this flagship phone a lot, but they also have some doubts. Does Oneplus 6 support wireless charging? According to the release of OnePlus 6, the answer is the OnePlus 6 doesn’t support wireless charging. Then whyContinue reading “Does OnePlus 6 Support Wireless Charging?”

Are You Ready for the Upcoming 5G Mobile Technology?

At this year’s MWC conference, 5G has become the protagonist of the entire conference. As we can still see many well-known technology exhibitors at this year’s MWC conference, they released new equipment, but also brought the concept of communications technology – 5G, which coming next year, that is, the fifth generations of mobile communication systems.Continue reading “Are You Ready for the Upcoming 5G Mobile Technology?”

Is It Worth Buying Huawei P10

Huawei P10 is hot recently. Since Huawei announced its new flagship smartphones—-Huawei P10 and P10 Plus the day before MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2017 in Barcelona, people have been wondering what makes the new products special. This article analyses whether it is worth buying Huawei P10 from several aspects. CameraCamera should be the first thingContinue reading “Is It Worth Buying Huawei P10”

How to Charge a New Phone Battery

It is commonly believed that when you get your a phone you should drain the battery out firstly and recharge it for over 12 hours—to enhance a longer battery life. Actually it is quite a wise behavior in the stage of nickel battery, by doing this the battery can be fully sensitized and goes toContinue reading “How to Charge a New Phone Battery”

What Mobile Phone Should I get 2016

Mobile phone, as an indispensable part of people’s life has brought people much convenience. It not only has shortened the distance among people as the bridge of communication, but also provides people a world of amusement. Therefore, it is not uncommon for people to own a new mobile phone or update their old ones. However,Continue reading “What Mobile Phone Should I get 2016”

What is the Best Android Phone 2016

As a fan of android phone, you may have witnessed amounts of android phones swarming into the market. And each of them may hold something precious that makes you heartbeat. As we all know it is unwise to choose a phone only by the appreciation of its one or two merits rather than taking allContinue reading “What is the Best Android Phone 2016”

Best Android Smartphone Collection

Choosing a new Android phone is not easy since the Android world is teeming with options——expensive or cheap, music-centered or photography-centered, big sized or small sized. In order to facilitate your process of making choice, I will list the best Android smartphone in several categories. Best Overall Phone——Pixel and Pixel XLWhen talking about Android smartphonesContinue reading “Best Android Smartphone Collection”

Future of Smartphone

As the development of modern technology, smartphone has become quite popular all over the world with its outstanding functions. Nowadays, almost everyone has one in hands or in pockets. People use them to surf the Internet, update their personal micro blog, and upload their latest pictures at any place and anytime they want. Undoubtedly, smartphoneContinue reading “Future of Smartphone”