OnePlus: The Journey to 6

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The smartphone industry is filled with cutthroat competition from hundreds of manufacturers. There is, however, one smartphone maker that has always been different. Yes, we’re talking about OnePlus.

With OnePlus’s recent launch of their latest flagship model – OnePlus 6, we felt it was the right time to revisit some of the previous OnePlus phones and see what made them unique.

Despite the lack of manufacturing capabilities of giants like Samsung and Apple, they’ve managed to build a loyal fan base with a truly unique offering – premium specifications at an affordable price. Initially, they did run into manufacturing hiccups. To circumvent this they started the industry first “invite-only” system. This allowed only those with invites to purchase their very first model, the OnePlus One. The OnePlus One was known for its flagship specifications, sandstone finish, Cyanogen OS and the flagship beating price of $300. Put all that together and the OnePlus One sold like hot cakes.

Following the OnePlus One’s success, OnePlus launched the OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X in 2015. The OnePlus 2 was the first to carry the alert slider, while the OnePlus X was their first AMOLED screen phone.

2016 brought along the OnePlus 3, one of OnePlus’ best efforts to date. It had the same low price, a flagship processor, AMOLED screen, fast charging and a metal build. Its follow up model, the OnePlus 3T, had an upgraded processor, higher resolution front camera and a larger battery. All the following OnePlus models have retained the basic DNA of the OnePlus 3 i.e. the metal build, Oxygen OS, dash charging and the alert slider.

In the year 2017, we saw the launch of the OnePlus 5, OnePlus’ first attempt at a dual camera smartphone. The OnePlus 5 was OnePlus’ fastest selling phone. The 5 soon followed by an update, which included a modern 18:9 display, improved camera and rear-mounted fingerprint sensor (a departure from their trademark front mounted design). But what made the 5T truly unique and one of the best OnePlus devices was the uber-cool Star Wars edition.

This brings us to the latest OnePlus smartphone, the OnePlus 6. The 6 takes the OnePlus formula of flagship specifications at an un-flagship price and adds a few unique albeit controversial design touches to it. First, there’s a notch at the front and glass at the back, but the glass back doesn’t translate into support for wireless charging.

Considering the price point and the features it is hard to resist the aura of the OnePlus 6.  So if you are in the market for a new smartphone, is it going to be the OnePlus 6?

Comment down below to let us know. Also, check out the infographic below and tell us more about your favorite OnePlus device. This article is contributed by our reader Adeendren Hometop, many thanks for his kindness and collaboration.




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