Is OnePlus 6 waterproof? Even not given an IP rating


On the official website of OnePlus, they do not give an exact IP rating to their newly released OnePlus 6. Just announced that thanks to water resistance, your OnePlus 6 is well-equipped to survive a drop in the sink or a spilled glass of water. Just don’t take it for a swim. That is to say, although OnePlus 6 didn’t come with an IP rating, it’s obvious OnePlus have put some thought into guarding the insides.

What kinds of waterproofing is OnePlus 6 equipped?

Venerable repair site iFixit published it OnePlus 6 teardown which revealed what steps did OnePlus take to make the OnePlus 6 pretty water resistant.

The first waterproof measure they found is that the dual-SIM card tray has an integrated rubber gasket, sealing the opening from water when it’d locked in place.


Second, most of the sockets on the motherboard is surrounded by black silicone seals. Although iFixit found the same socket sealing on the OnePlus 5, it doesn’t negate the fact that the sockets are relatively safe from water intrusion. 


At last, iFixit found sealing gaskets around the speaker grille, USB Type-C port, and headphone jack. They highly improve the water resistance level of OnePlus 6. Don’t buy USB Type-C smartphone before you read this


After all of them have been added up, OnePlus 6 becomes a pretty water-resistant phone. iFixit described it:”We probably wouldn’t jump into the pool with it, but it’s nice to have a little protection that doesn’t impede repair.”

When many mobile phone brands choose to promote their IP rating to draw people’s eyes, OnePlus decided to blur it. It’s likely because it didn’t want to give any guarantees to the devices’ waterproofing which can create lots of warranty issues and product returns. Therefore, you better not let your OnePlus enter into a pool.

If you want to learn more about OnePlus 6’s water-resistance ability, the test below will help.

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