What Lenovo Bring Us at CES 2018?

At the beginning of the new year, as one of the world’s largest innovation and technology exhibitions, CES (International Consumer Electronics Show) was officially launched in Las Vegas. As an annual event, CES is not only a window to showcase the most advanced technology to enthusiasts, but also sets a keynote tone for the scienceContinue reading “What Lenovo Bring Us at CES 2018?”

How Does Augmented Reality Work

With the development of technology, augmented reality (AR) is no longer something new to people and it has been widely used. The worldwide popular game Pokémon Go for example, has applied the AR technology. But do you have any idea about what augmented reality is and how it works? Well, Wikipedia gives a clear definition—-itContinue reading “How Does Augmented Reality Work”

Best Augmented Reality Glasses 2016

With brands like Facebook, Samsung and Sony all come out with VR products of their own; most of us are becoming familiar with Virtual Reality. As an emerging technology, it can bring you into a completely different virtual world. Under this circumstance, you may want to experience another virtual world without being tethered to yourContinue reading “Best Augmented Reality Glasses 2016”

Difference between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Many people are familiar with the term “Virtual Reality” for it has been mentioned in many situations. As a very common theme in science fiction movies, virtual reality is often used a way to turn the fantastical into something that seems totally real. It gives audience a more exciting and realistic experience. However, compare toContinue reading “Difference between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality”

What is Augmented Reality

By recreation of the real world, VR expands the field of our vision, providing us a vivid but virtual world. Based on VR technology, there comes augmented reality (AR). In comparison to VR technology, AR is closer to the real world. It adds graphics, sounds, haptic feedback, and smell to the natural world as itContinue reading “What is Augmented Reality”

Best Augmented Reality Apps 2016

Just like virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) technology is becoming more and more familiar to people, and has been widely used now. In this article, the editor recommends 7 of the best augmented reality apps for you, which are of various functions and aim at facilitating your life and entertaining you. Pokémon Go CatchContinue reading “Best Augmented Reality Apps 2016”