How to maintain laptop battery life


Every laptop battery can be reduced over time, even though you may know some general tips to expand your laptop battery life, like dimming screen and Wi-Fi off, but only by care and attention can you make sure your laptop needs replacing before its battery does. Following ways are proposed to help you maintain your laptop battery life and take care of it’s long-term health.


Power settings
For energy-saving, some tweaking in the Settings of your laptop will have a great influence to you power especially at the end of the day and the less work your battery does, the healthier it will stay.
Following actions can be taken if you want to keep your laptop on for as long as possible, reduce its workload as much as you can: lowering the screen brightness, shutting down unnecessary applications, limiting your browser tabs and unplugging devices you’re not using can all help.
For Mac, in order to get an idea of how much juice you have left, you can download Battery Health for free, while Windows users can turn to Battery Care for similar services.


Battery Backup
For laptops with a removable battery, the easiest way to ensure that you always have enough battery power is to bring along an extra; either a spare battery or an external battery pack, these can be ordered directly both from the manufacturer and a third-party company, usually no more than $100. Simply swap the old battery for the new once in a while when charging, and bring along the charged-up spare whenever you expect to be away from a power outlet.
Another similar option is to buy an external power source. Technically, it’s a battery, but these external sources can be plugged into your laptop like a charger. They generally cost between $100 and $200, but with many different models of the laptop adapters can be used on multiple systems even be used on other devices, such as your phone or tablet.


Ideally, room temperature (or as close as possible) may be the most proper condition for using laptop. So be aware of overheating, which is particularly unhealthy. If you have a tendency to place your laptop on the bed or on a sweltering beach then the battery’s almost going to end up its’ life. Do keep it cool and on a flat, stable surface as much as you can, and make sure the cooling vents are unobstructed. If necessary you can purchase an extra stand or computer radiator.


Although these strategies will help you make the most of the battery, preventative measures should be implemented in advance to maintain your laptop battery life before your battery life comes up short. Finally, do not use the charger or plug provided by the manufacturer, since any product less than optimum compatibility can cause damage.



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