Best Laptops for Working at Home

Thanks to the development of Internet, many jobs can be done at home, which benefits a lot of people, especially for those who are not convenient to work outside. This change enables them to make a living flexibly at home. Under this circumstance, finding the right laptop for work is really serious business. To someContinue reading “Best Laptops for Working at Home”

Best Laptop Bag for Macbook Pro

The new Macbook Pro has launched. Have you bought the new generation Macbook Pro for yourself? The first question comes out after you bought a new Macbook Pro, how do I  protect it? Have a case is the first choice. There are thousands of cases out there. Whatever your favor, you’ll want to keep yourContinue reading “Best Laptop Bag for Macbook Pro”

What is the Best Touch Screen Laptop

Touch screen laptop is like smart phone,there are no needs of the  keyboard and mouse, just click on the screen to complete the operation you want.Touch screen computer is easy to operate,  just use the finger touch the relevant department button on the screen computer screen, you can enter the information world includes text, animation,Continue reading “What is the Best Touch Screen Laptop”

Can You Bring A Laptop on A Plane

When you travel, you have to bring a lot of electronic devices and batteries. Some airline passengers want to bring their laptop computers onto the plane, however, they may be not sure about whether it is permitted by Transportation Safety Administration. Do not ask the question that can I bring a laptop on a planeContinue reading “Can You Bring A Laptop on A Plane”

How to Increase Laptop Battery Life- Windows System

Everyone got a laptop today. After a period time of using, the battery life didn’t stay as long as it did when it was new. Compared with desktop computer, laptop should be convenient to users as it designed to carry on, so if the battery life is too short, it will more or less loseContinue reading “How to Increase Laptop Battery Life- Windows System”

Prolong Laptop Battery Life by Switching a Browser

Many people complain about the short battery life of their laptops. Recently there is a video experiment proved that the different browser you use do cause laptop battery life differences. Experiment In the experiment, 4 identical laptops are opened and used to run the same video in 4 different browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera.Continue reading “Prolong Laptop Battery Life by Switching a Browser”

Laptop Chargers Price List America

Many people found problems of their laptop not charging (how to fix). When the reason lies in the charger, you will need a replacement laptop charger. Below is a price list of laptop chargers which are selected from the best range of laptop chargers. $10 — $20 Replacement AC Power Adapter / Power Cord forContinue reading “Laptop Chargers Price List America”

Why My Laptop Says Not Charging and How to Fix It

“Laptop not charging” problem happens to all laptop users including Apple, Dell, hp, Lenovo and other large or small laptop brands. You as well may see “plug in, not charging” alert when you need to charge your laptop. To solve the problem, you first need to find out why your laptop says not charging. Reasons:Continue reading “Why My Laptop Says Not Charging and How to Fix It”

USB Type-C Charger: The Death of AC Laptop Chargers

With the development of USB ports,(USB 1.0 – USB 3.1) Apple grab the upper hand and releases USB Type-C in the market. Now we have plenty of options for charging your mobile phone these days. Once upon a time we simply had the choice between charging with a wall socket or with our computer andContinue reading “USB Type-C Charger: The Death of AC Laptop Chargers”

How to Extend Macbook Battery Life Part 2

You can make your laptop run longer on its battery by turning off or reduce all the things that expend power in your computer. If you are going on a long trip, or just taking your laptop to a local coffee shop, use these tips to help your laptop battery power last longer. Display  Continue reading “How to Extend Macbook Battery Life Part 2”