Using Laptop without Battery Good or Bad


There are so many rumors of battery life no matter of mobile phones or laptops. For some new comer of laptop, they will be confused by all kinds of statements online as some of them are totally contradictory. And using laptop without battery good or bad is one of the concerns. Here let’s have a look and get an exact answer.


How the power chain works?
When you are charging your laptop, the current will be divided into two paths—one going to the system and another going to the battery. As to how much current will each path takes, generally, it eats up the whole if you are running your laptop on the full load and leave nothing to the battery, which means the system load is given the first priority.
In fact, the battery never connects to the system load directly, but through a FET transistor to completely connect or disconnect the battery from load. When there is no battery, the FET transistor will turn off so there left only system load path to see.


Using laptop without battery good or bad?
After seeing the way the power chain works, now we can try to answer this question. It is a commonplace that every battery has a finite number of times it can be charged and discharged.So it is suggested that you can remove the battery if you always use your laptop directly on AC power. However, leaving your laptop plugged in will not cause short term damage, but if you only ever use it on AC power you’ll almost certainly find that after a year the battery’s capacity has been significantly reduced.So find a balance between them two is a solution.


It is something about habits if you want to prolong the lifespan of your battery. There some factors you should keep in mind which usually cause the death of your battery by ignoring them:1)Charge/discharge cycles—A limitation that your battery can be charged and discharged. 2)Voltage level—The higher the charge level (measured in volts per cell), the shorter the battery’s life. 3)High temperature over 30 degrees Celsius—This can cause irreparable damage.
Take all these factors into consideration, you should never overcharge and overheat your laptop. It’s better to keep your battery charged to between 40% and 70% and ensure that you store it properly if you remove it.


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