How to Clean the Surface Laptop?

How to Clean the Surface Laptop? 1

Microsoft Surface Laptop, which appeared on the Microsoft’s presentation not long ago, was used the Italian Alcantara Artificial Suede material, which was previously selected on the Surface Pro 4 keyboard cover. It advertised not only to bring you the visual beauty and unique style, but be able to keep the hand warm when you use it. Actually, in my point of view, it not only keep your hand warm, but keep your heart colder after a period of using.

How to Clean the Surface Laptop? 4

Although Surface Laptop equipped with Windows 10 S operating platform for education purpose, and the design of a full sense of aesthetic perception so that make many people’s eyes bright. There are still different criticism of the Surface Laptop, the unreasonable pricing, no type-c port and clean the keyboard of the Surface Laptop. The pricing and hardware design we can’t change, but we can find the way to solve the keyboard problem. I purpose it would be an annoying problem to clean the Alcantara Artificial Suede keyboard.

How to Clean the Surface Laptop? 2

Although Microsoft said that there is anti-water treatment to Alcantara artificial suede on the keyboard, but what can not be ignored is that Microsoft did not do anti-dirty treatment to it. The design of Surface Laptop is not the same as the surface Pro 4, keyboard and screen of Pro 4 are separate, you can change a new keyboard cover as long as the Pro 4 is dirty.

How to Clean the Surface Laptop? 3

Even if the metal material laptop or plastic material laptop can not escape from being dirty after a long time using. These hard materials can be wiped with wet tissue, but to the textile material is difficult to clean. If it is textile, you can find a laundry for help, but you can’t be so reckless to technology products. On the Internet, there is a Surface Pro 4 users upload the photo of his keyboard dirty situation and seek clean recommendations. Microsoft said the Surface Laptop should be treated the same as the world famous, luxury brand bags, you must immediately use ultra-fine fiber wipes with diluted soapy water to clean it when an accident happened and scheduled maintenance.

There is merit, there is defect. Small dust is effortless to fall in the keyboard of normal material, let alone Alcantara artificial suede seems to have become the best hideout. The keyboard often need to be cleaned, if you are interested in Surface Laptop, you have to think about this problem again before making the decision especially you are mysophobia.


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