Can iPad Pro with iPadOS replace your laptop?

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Apple never misses any chance to market iPad as a laptop replacement. Tim Cook has referred to the latest iPad Pro as the “most popular computer in the world.” If the iOS 11 with the Introduction of the Dock on the iPad and the reintegration of the file App with iCloud is not close enough to your needs, how about the more powerful mac-like iPadOS? Is it cool enough to convince you of iPad Pro a full-fledged computer? In this laptop vs iPad Pro with iPadOS comparison, let’s dig into whether it is true or not.

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Can iPad Pro with iPadOS replace your laptop?

Trick question. It always could for some people and still can’t for others. It exactly depends how you want to do with it. In fact, the iPad Pro is the closest to not a laptop replacement but an alternative. iPad Pro with iPadOS includes a variety of new features that enable it super productive especially with the help of Apple pencil, while sometimes it may disappoint you, especially for creative pros who use demanding programs.

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“We have some big changes coming to iPad,” says Craig Federighi, Apple’s software chief. The iPad’s multitasking features of split-screen feature, Slide Over and the dock will inevitably be more polished. Moreover, Apple is bringing more multitasking gestures to slide between multiple apps, and drag and drop apps side by side. All of these apps are then available in an Exposé-like view.

Such as it is, manipulating multiple apps is still primarily restricted to getting two apps open side by side. So it’s not as friendly or as adaptive as working in a laptop to some extent.


According to Apple, the Pencil for iPadOS feels more ergonomic, and is now using even more advanced prediction algorithms and optimization to slash that latency, from 20ms to just 9ms. In other words, you will deserve a more seamless user experience using the new Apple Pencil with more utilitarian physical gestures. It interacts primarily via touch or Pencil and you’ll fall in love with its smooth performance and flexibility.

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The iPad currently doesn’t support mouse or touchpad input. At the OS level, this kind of pain points will somehow be eased when you find Bluetooth mouse support in the iPad’s Accessibility settings. Additionally, when iPadOS arrives, you’ll be able to connect external drives and open, copy and save files on the iPad like PDFs, videos, photos and documents.


The tablet offers laptop-level performance. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro runs Apple’s custom A12X Bionic processor, which is admired by even the most powerful laptops in terms of performance and rivals the 13-inch MacBook Pro with 8th-gen Core i7 model. Besides, it’s blessed with impressive battery life. It won’t die in a full day use and is easy to get charged with a portable power bank even if getting low. By contrast, a laptop has a runtime of only around 9 hours when performing the same tasks at similar settings.

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How to choose? An iPad Pro with iPadOS or a laptop?

Just as Steve Jobs put it, some folks need a truck (the laptop) and some only need a sports car (the iPadOS). Well, I guess I have discovered I need a truck. Perhaps I can afford a sports car, too. But there is just no need for a sports car than can do duty as a truck.

iPadOS is an obvious brilliant update, and it’ll make life a lot easier. The enhancements coming with the iPadOS will make the iPad Pro the go-to device for students and casual users. If all you need with a laptop is surfing the web, sending email, listening to music or playing games, there is no need to afford a laptop. But for professional users who desire more, the laptop is still the go-to device, and the iPad Pro can be an alternative to the laptop in certain situations rather than a full-fledged replacement.



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