How to Change Mouse Sensitivity

How to Change Mouse Sensitivity

Have you ever complained about the sensitivity of your mouse while you are playing games, especially the shooting games which require a high aiming precision? And are you still looking for the methods to change your mouse sensitivity? If your answer is definitely yes, then this is an useful article for you to learn how to customize the mouse sensitivity in Windows and adjust the DPI for a gaming mouse.

  • How to change the mouse sensitivity in Windows.

For most people, the default value of mouse sensitivity in Windows are appropriate. But it’s better for you to increase the mouse sensitivity when you want to play some kinds of games. And just follow these steps below, you can set your own mouse sensitivity.

Step1. You should click the “Start” button and select “Control Panel”.

Step2.You should search and click “mouse” to open the Mouse Properties window.

Step3. You should click to the “Button” tab and move the Double-click speed bar to adjust the speed: slow        fast. Then click “OK”.

Step4. You should click to the “Pointer Options” tab and move the pointer speed slider and uncheck “Enhance pointer precision”(This option adjusts the DPI on the fly to match the speed of your moving the mouse. ), then click “OK” to save your setting.

How to Change Mouse Sensitivity via DPI

  • How to adjust the DPI for a gaming mouse.

If you are not a gamer with a more advanced mouse, you might not know what the DPI is. In simple terms, DPI is a standard used to measure the mouse sensitivity. The greater the number of DPI, the higher the mouse sensitivity. Then let’s learn how to adjust the DPI for a gaming mouse.

  • Find the button labeled “DPI” on your mouse.
  • Install the available software that matches your mouse. (Many gaming mouse come with its own software that users can change the DPI setting with it. So you just have to drag the slider of DPI to change the number.)
  • Make it clear that how many levels of DPI your mouse can shift. (You can find this on your mouse specifications. And most mouse that dedicated DPI button often come preset with 3 speeds: slow, standard, fast. )
  • Press the DPI button to create new setting.(Pay attention to the light change on the mouse. Different light speed of blinking/color of light means different DPI.)
  • Change the DPI setting in Windows.(But this operation will affect the accuracy of your mouse.)

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