Best Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo Under $50

There’re best gaming keyboards under $50; also there’re best gaming mice under $50. Are there best gaming keyboard and mouse combo under $50? Surely yes for that and here we’ll introduce some, including wireless and wired keyboard and mouse combo that look great and perform flawlessly.  #1 Redragon S101 Vajra  Keyboard – 104 standard keys,Continue reading “Best Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo Under $50”

Best Budget Gaming Mouse Under $50 for 2017

Where is your next gaming mouse? Here it is. From the experience of using on FPS gaming, we’ve rounded up 5 budget oriented gaming mice under $50 for 2017. #5 Redimp GM200 RGB Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse Basically speaking, the GM200 is a standard seven-button ambidextrous mouse, including the standard left, middle, and right click, aContinue reading “Best Budget Gaming Mouse Under $50 for 2017”

5 Best Gaming Mouse Under $20

So how will you pick a gaming mouse? Or what points weight most when you choose one?  Budget – Well, your budget will undoubtedly be at the top consideration, though there’s a difference between an under $20 gaming mouse and others price over $50, $100 and even nearing $200 mark.  Programmable Buttons – Aside fromContinue reading “5 Best Gaming Mouse Under $20”

Wireless vs Wired Mouse: Which is Better for Gaming

When it comes to PC gaming, which is better for gaming, a wireless mouse or a wired mouse? Well, the question has become a heated debate over the years with staunch supporters on each side. So what’s the truth about the best gaming mouse, wireless or wired, for gamers? Does a wired mechanical gaming keyboardContinue reading “Wireless vs Wired Mouse: Which is Better for Gaming”

Giveaways: Win Castle Clash Free Gems and EasyAcc Gaming Headset & Gaming Mouse

Breaking news, EasyAcc works with IGG Castle Clash to provide castle clash free gems to all new user, only to find the secret code IGG Castle Clash + EasyAcc = Free Gems and Power . What will be the effect of the alliance between Castle Clash and EasyAcc? Not only earn castle clash free gems, but also win free EasyAcc Gamer accessories here! InContinue reading “Giveaways: Win Castle Clash Free Gems and EasyAcc Gaming Headset & Gaming Mouse”

EasyAcc Grampus gaming mouse Review

  I don’t work too much with PC periphery but I have really cool gaming mouse from EasyAcc with codename Grampus. EasyAcc is mostly focused in producing power banks but as you can see they have other products also. Main feature of this gaming mouse is definitely very low price around $20, 3600 DPI andContinue reading “EasyAcc Grampus gaming mouse Review”