Best Small Gaming Mouse to Buy

Not all gaming mice are created equally and alike, despite whether wired or wireless mouse is better for gaming. Taking the size for example, some are well for big hands; while some are good choices for small hands. So how to buy a gaming mouse which could well suit your palm size? Here’s the guide for best small gaming mouse. 

#1 Roccat Kone Pure


Though sized in 4.5*2.8*1.4, Roccat Kone has not sacrificed a single ounce of performance. With an ultra-precise 8200 DPI laser sensor and Roccat innovative TDCU tech, it assures the consistently flawless tracking across all surface.

And for signature gaming weapon as in the game world, Kone can be customized with 16.8 million discrete LED colors in active effects. 

Buy it for USD 69.99

#2 Razer Naga


Designed for MMO players with small hands, the Razer Naga is a nice small grip gaming mouse with a size of 4.68*2.95*1.69. 

With 12 button thumb grid outfitted with mechanical switches, you can configure every and each button to your personal skillset, macros and hotkeys from your favorite MMO to hit at all times. Well, another weapon is that the scroll wheel on the Razer Naga can not only go up and down, but also left and right, to equip for destroying games or navigating a lengthy forum for the best strats. 

Now, it has two versions, for left-handed and right-handed respectively, but at the same price tag of USD 79.99 HERE

#3 Logitech G300


Generally, the Logitech G300, sized 4.45*2.83*1.57, is more in tune with casual PC players than hardcore gun slinger with a DPI 2500. 

G300 has a symmetrical, ambidextrous design, with a smooth-feel matte finish under hand, which doesn’t attract stains or smudge marks; and both sides are rubberized to help you get a grip during long or intense gaming sessions. In addition, you can alter the colors and buttons within the configuration software for what gaming profile you’re in. 

 Now it sells for USD 39.99 at Logitech Store

#4 Zowie EC2-A


If you care not so much whether a gaming mouse has a software to customize DPI, buttons, and colors, the 4.7*2.5*1.6 EC2-A from Zowie is highly recommended. 

Though a little small, it functions perfectly and is shaped nicely, putting in a perfect location relative to where your thumb is placed such that you can easily roll your thumb upwards to depress them without changing your grip on the mouse, thus in most time, it seldom happens to misclick. 

Now the 3200 DPI optical small gaming mouse is priced at USD 59.99 on Amazon


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