When Will Apple HomePod Launch

In November last year, Apple announced  that HomePod launch date was postponed until early 2018, saying that it still needs more time. According to the Taipei Times reports, the main reason for HomePod’s delay is the need to fine-tune the software and hardware. Since it’s already entered the first quarter of 2018, when will Apple HomePodContinue reading “When Will Apple HomePod Launch”

Use Echo Dot Without Echo

The amazon Echo didn’t get enough attention when it came out, but it was discovered that it could be the future of smart home after it was constantly expanding and compatible with various smart home standards. In 2016, amazon also aggressively expanded its smart voice assistant line of products to launch the new product, EchoContinue reading “Use Echo Dot Without Echo”

Is Amazon Echo Compatible with iPhone X?

Along with the active development of artificial intelligent assistant, different kinds of smart tools are surging forward. HomeKit allows users to communicate with and control connected accessories in their home using your app, Even the fabulous iPhone X is equipped with the HomeKit, a certain number of Apple users still found shortcomings of it. ThenContinue reading “Is Amazon Echo Compatible with iPhone X?”

Products Similar to Amazon Echo

Smart speakers have been called the Trojan horses of smart home. They sit on the shelf and execute your order smartly. They free music and audio every time you need a music feast. They broadcast weather and news while you are having breakfast. It is clear to see the outstanding performance of Amazon Echo, butContinue reading “Products Similar to Amazon Echo”

Amazon Echo Compatible Devices

Amazon Echo is a powerful hands-free speaker which can be controlled by your voice. Since it is connected to the Alexa Voice Service, it can recognize your order and then do various things for you instantly, for instance: play music, make calls, send and receive messages, provide information, news, sports scores, weather; and if matchedContinue reading “Amazon Echo Compatible Devices”

Should I Buy Amazon Echo

When smartphone has been a common place, Amazon brought us another amazing gadget—Amazon Echo—which can be served as far more than a speaker. More sensitive than Apple’s Siri, it can respond to your voice in a quicker and exact way. Some of you may hesitate to buy one as you may think it was introducedContinue reading “Should I Buy Amazon Echo”

Is Amazon Echo always listening? How to stop it and delete Alexa recordings in it?

When Amazon released its voice-controlled personal assistant in November 2014, an important question was raised about the hands-free speaker: if the Amazon Echo is voice-controlled, then is it always listening?  Is Amazon Echo always listening to you? Amazon Echo will activate once it detects the “wake word”, Alexa. Once it does hear its name, itContinue reading “Is Amazon Echo always listening? How to stop it and delete Alexa recordings in it?”

Should I buy Amazon Echo or Google Home

As Google released its smart speaker Google Home, Amazon Echo got its number one rival. Amazon Echo, as a smart speaker that responds to your voice commands, plays music, and controls your smart home, has already gotten the surprising success. With Google Home entering the arena, complete with the backing of the company’s ubiquitous searchContinue reading “Should I buy Amazon Echo or Google Home”

Difference between Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Show

Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Show, which one do you prefer? Let’s go for some details. Release Date The Amazon Echo was released back in 2014, and sits at Amazon’s flagship smart speaker. Due to the feature of Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant, which can be controlled using the user’s voice, it stands out the normalContinue reading “Difference between Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Show”