Use Echo Dot Without Echo


The amazon Echo didn’t get enough attention when it came out, but it was discovered that it could be the future of smart home after it was constantly expanding and compatible with various smart home standards. In 2016, amazon also aggressively expanded its smart voice assistant line of products to launch the new product, Echo dot.


The Echo Dot is the smallest product in the amazon voice assistant. Although it’s not actually a speaker, it’s a product that can make other speakers smart. Echo dot is not an accessory of the Echo. It can connect to any speaker so that users can use Alexa’s voice assistant. So Echo dot can connect any speakers, which are not only limited in Echo. With the socket provided by Dot, users can connect it to existing speakers, or through Bluetooth. In contrast, for Echo users, they can only use the product’s built-in speakers.


It also makes the Dot in the new products become more flexible. After all, music is the most important part of Alexa experience. Most of the music lovers are obviously has his favorites loudspeaker equipment so Dot provides a better choice for them. However, this does not mean that the Echo dot can’t play music. While the Echo dot can’t connect directly to the phone and play songs on the phone, it can play songs on the Internet or in the cloud, such as a network radio or Amazon Prime membership song. In addition, amazon has designed colorful annular lights for the Echo Dot to display the current working state of the device.


In the previous generation of products, a full size in terms of Echo, the Dot of the loudspeaker array in terms of voice command on pick up slightly bad, there is music or be in a noisy environment, especially the user needs to shorten the distance between himself and the Dot to complete activation. In addition to being cheaper, the new Dot’s speakers are more capable of identifying the user’s voice commands in a music or noisy environment. In other words, the product not only sells at a lower price, but it doesn’t shrink at all functions.


Echo dot and Echo are two separate products, but there are some similarities. Echo is undoubtedly the best choice for consumers who want to get full voice assistance. The Dot is a product that makes a regular speaker can use Alexa,, cheaper and smaller, suitable for entry-level users.

So, is the Echo Dot worth it? The answer is obvious! The products not only have the appearance of the fashion, but also rich in function.

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