Should I Buy Amazon Echo

should _i_buy_amazon_echo

When smartphone has been a common place, Amazon brought us another amazing gadget—Amazon Echo—which can be served as far more than a speaker. More sensitive than Apple’s Siri, it can respond to your voice in a quicker and exact way. Some of you may hesitate to buy one as you may think it was introduced in 2014 and would be obsolete soon. Then, let’s see what Amazon Echo is and how powerful it is.

what _is_amazon’s_alexa-controlled_echo_speaker

What is Amazon’s Alexa-Controlled Echo Speaker

Want to control you smart-home devices only through your sound of voice? Amazon’s echo speaker supported by Alexa—Amazon’s voice control system—which is regarded as the heart of Amazon Echo allows you to do so. Amazon built a natural-language processing system so that when you ask questions or deliver commands, the Alexa will always being listen and is quick to respond. Dependent on the seven very sensitive microphones built into both the Echo and the Dot, Alexa is always responsive, and no need to ask for twice.


What can you do with Amazon Echo?

Just a wireless speaker, what we can expect from it? What’s a skill? Now let’s move to see what we can do with Amazon Echo.

Ask for music and anything you can imagine

Amazon Echo firstly is a speaker, and as a tool to listen your music, it provides you not only good quality music but also makes you much convenient to access the music world.Imagine that only give your command to it as a specific song, the song will come in. what’s more, you can use it to search Wikipedia, create to-do list and even help you with your homework if necessary.


Smart-home control

This must be a gift for those who are interested in smart-home control. Are you annoying by the case that when you coming home withyour arms overflowing with groceries, but you still have to pull out your phone and find the app to turn the light? With Amazon Echo, this will never bother you any more, what you should do is just to tell Alexa, “Echo, turn on the light please” like one of your sweaty family member, it will make it. If you already have a series of compatible devices, you will get used it and rely on it more and more.


Purchase things and services

There are a variety of skills of Alexa, and allowing you to purchase is one of its attractive functions.Besides purchasing from Amazon, you can also buy things or services from outside the Amazon.

Find your hobbies and interests

Much guidance is available such as homework helper skills, recipe skills and traffic report skills. Read on smartphone must be a little boring, change a way to require these skills will give you much more entertainment.

With the updating of all kinds of skills, Amazon Echo will be increasingly popular in the near future. Why not make you to own an interesting but not so expensive smart speaker?


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