Light Switches That Work with Amazon Echo Show

Amazon Echo Show is a video screen version of Amazon’s voice-activated smart speaker. Released lately on June 28 in both US and UK, the new product is equipped with the Alexa voice assistant, which is available in Amazon Echo speaker and Amazon Fire TV. Read on to find more detailed introduction to the new productContinue reading “Light Switches That Work with Amazon Echo Show”

Amazon Echo Show Features List

Different from Amazon’s Echo, the new Echo Show which will be launched on 28 June is the first smart speaker with a touchscreen. Besides the unique screen, it also carries with outstanding features, here is what all you should know about the Amazon Echo Show Features List.DesignSize: 187 mm x 187 mm x 90 mmWeight:Continue reading “Amazon Echo Show Features List”

Difference between Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Show

Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Show, which one do you prefer? Let’s go for some details. Release Date The Amazon Echo was released back in 2014, and sits at Amazon’s flagship smart speaker. Due to the feature of Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant, which can be controlled using the user’s voice, it stands out the normalContinue reading “Difference between Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Show”