When Will Apple HomePod Launch

In November last year, Apple announced  that HomePod launch date was postponed until early 2018, saying that it still needs more time. According to the Taipei Times reports, the main reason for HomePod’s delay is the need to fine-tune the software and hardware. Since it’s already entered the first quarter of 2018, when will Apple HomePodContinue reading “When Will Apple HomePod Launch”

What Google Home Can’t Do

Google home launched in November 2016 comes at $129 at Overstock. Similar to Echo, Echo Dot and Apple Homepod, it shows prominent performance in hardware and variable service. It is, meanwhile, the only one available for customization among the three. Yet, as everything is born with both merits and demerits, you may find limits ofContinue reading “What Google Home Can’t Do”

Google Home VS Alexa Sound Quality

What we get of today’s voice-controlled speaker is more than a speaker used for listening music; it can be viewed as smart digital assistants, device controllers, shopping tools, and more. We are leaded into a colorful speaker world thanking to Amazon echo which was first released almost unknowingly in 2014. As its tough competitor, GoogleContinue reading “Google Home VS Alexa Sound Quality”

Some Hidden Features of Google Home You Don’t Know About

Google Home is a voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant. You can tell it to do things simply by saying the wake words “Hey, Google” or “OK, Google”, then asking a question or giving a command. Your Google Home will distinguish your voice from others and respond to your command immediately. But I guessContinue reading “Some Hidden Features of Google Home You Don’t Know About”

How to Setup and Use a Google Home Voice Assistance Speaker

Since artificial intelligence has been an indispensable part of our live, new attention was paid to smart speaker. Google Home took aim right at this field and did a quite good job. It entails more than simply controlling your lights, answering queries, playing music, rather it even involves calling an Uber! So if you areContinue reading “How to Setup and Use a Google Home Voice Assistance Speaker”

Should I buy Amazon Echo or Google Home

As Google released its smart speaker Google Home, Amazon Echo got its number one rival. Amazon Echo, as a smart speaker that responds to your voice commands, plays music, and controls your smart home, has already gotten the surprising success. With Google Home entering the arena, complete with the backing of the company’s ubiquitous searchContinue reading “Should I buy Amazon Echo or Google Home”