When Will Apple HomePod Launch


In November last year, Apple announced  that HomePod launch date was postponed until early 2018, saying that it still needs more time. According to the Taipei Times reports, the main reason for HomePod’s delay is the need to fine-tune the software and hardware. Since it’s already entered the first quarter of 2018, when will Apple HomePod launch?


What is HomePod?

You may ask what is HomePod and why it draw so much attention on the Apple event last year. A few lucky dogs were able to listen to HomePod at Apple’s developer conference, it’s a powerful speaker that sounds impressive and dynamic, with the large catalog of Apple Music and intelligent Siri control system, similar to Amazon Echo and Google Home, it’s a voice-controlled smart home device. 


Besides the good-looking design, HomePod sports an exclusive A8 processor inside which is also used on the iPhone 6, iPad mini 4, and fourth-generation Apple TV. That processor will be tasked with a whole lot of signal processing, from filtering portions of the outgoing Apple Music track and routing it to various speakers to interpreting the input from the microphone array and recognizing when there’s a Siri command incoming. It also takes charge of dealing with other commands, like internet surfing. All in all, it’s the brain and makes Apple HomePod be what it’s supposed to be.

How much is HomePod?

Citing from CNET, the HomePod price was confirmed to be at $349 and will be opened to US, UK and Australia market. The high price is not surprising, it’s definitely Apple-style, if you are an Apple fanboy, undoubtedly you have a big chance to purchase it to build your own Apple eco system. If not, as Apple have already decided to join the fierce war with Amazon Echo 2nd Gen. ($99.99), Amazon Plus ($149.99) and Google Home ($129.99), Apple may lose since the rivals has entered the market for years and seized the primary customer group. 


When will HomePod launch? 

Reportedly the HomePod supplier Inventec has started the shipment to Apple with the initial amount of 1 million units, and the number will be increased to 12 million at the end of 2018. Accordingly, the HomePod launch date is coming soon, mostly likely in about 4-6 weeks, let’s wait and check the HomePod debut.

With the data research from Strategy Analytics, the predicted market volume of smart home device is massive in 2018, as the smart speaker selling units reached 4.2 million in the 4th quarter in 2017, with outstanding year-on-year growth of 600%. HomePod’s slow start offered a great developing period for its rivals, in the major US market, Alexa and Google Home has become the mainstream voice, Apple should consider launch HomePod as soon as possible. 


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