Is Amazon Echo Compatible with iPhone X?

Along with the active development of artificial intelligent assistant, different kinds of smart tools are surging forward. HomeKit allows users to communicate with and control connected accessories in their home using your app, Even the fabulous iPhone X is equipped with the HomeKit, a certain number of Apple users still found shortcomings of it. Then another intelligent assistant helps your iPhone X comes out, Amazon Echo.

What is Amazon Echo?


Echo is an intelligent wireless speaker or voice command tool, and it is primarily the smart home technology of Amazon. This device is a cylinder that is more than three inches wide. There is also a powerful speaker that can be used to monitor your and your command’s circular microphone. You just need to say” Hi Alexa”, it will light up and listen to your order.

Is Amazon Echo compatible with iPhone X?

Definitely, the Amazon Echo is compatible with iPhone X.

The first step before you open Echo is to get Amazon’s application from the App Store. Once you have downloaded the app, please start it later. Take your iPhone X out and turn on the Wi-Fi setting. Like many smartphone products, in order to input configuration information, it needs to be connected directly during configuration.  

Choose Echo connected Wi-Fi, which will be connected and the same as “amazon-43n” above. The application should go straight to the configuration process. Only then should you start the Amazon application to begin the configuration.

In the settings menu, you can choose one of two things: If you purchased Echo on an Amazon account, it should say “[Your Name] Echo”, which you can choose from. If you buy the Echo as a gift, you can choose to set up a new device. Once you are at this point, just input your sign-in credential and agree with Alexa user criteria. Such as you can analyze your voice from the order to Amazon and service improvement and then select your network from Wi-Fi network.

Once you have input your credential, you can start using your Echo with iPhone X.

One of the reasons Amazon’s stock soared in the past two years is Echo’s hot sale, which Amazon is doing best to seize access to smart home hardware, it leads to Google published Google Home to catch up with. There is another giant, Apple is also vigorously step up HomeKit third-party equipment for lots of users choose Echo to match their iPhone X. In short, the three giants are in full swing marching smart home field, showing that the intelligent home hardware will be the highlight of the hardware market.


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